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The Supporting Act Podcast Ep. #053 with Hawksley Workman

Posted by Matt Moskal | Monday, December 15, 2014 @ 2:49pm

Canadian singer/songwriter and national treasure Hawksley Workman joined me over the phone in the UMFM studio. We talked about music as a physical experience and jogging as a form of meditation.

Larysa Musick (Cytadel) also stops in to recommend "King of Spain" by Mabel's Flight for the featured song of the week.

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Supernatural: The Things We Left Behind

Posted by Kyle Tetarenko | Wednesday, December 10, 2014 @ 8:41pm

After losing his friend last week, Castiel is having a mid-life crisis when he goes to see a face from his vessel's past.

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Review: Serena

Posted by Tony Hinds | Thursday, December 4, 2014 @ 8:20pm

The charms of Serena's lead performers are worthy of note, but if we don't care about the characters they're portraying, we won't care when they start smashing into each other. And I just didn't care.

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Supernatural: Hibbing 911

Posted by Kyle Tetarenko | Wednesday, December 3, 2014 @ 1:24am

What do you get when you cross a sheriff's retreat with homeless vampires? This week's episode of Supernatural!

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Album Review: Beatsteaks - Beatsteaks

Posted by Chris Hearn | Sunday, November 30, 2014 @ 5:59pm

Beatsteaks are one of my all-time favourite bands, so this review may come across as a tad biased. But, come ON, they are the Beatsteaks. To me, this is the best band Germany has given to the world (sorry Scorpions). Danke to you, Germany!

With each album I think, "Is this the one that is going to suck?" Each time, the answer is no. This is no exception. In fact, if you ask me it's one of their best albums. They are a band that is getting better with time. While other bands of their age, like Offspring for example, are looking a bit worse for the wear and don't have quite the same energy as they once did, Beatsteaks seem eternally youthful, maintaining their ability to entertain even after 20 years. Lead singer Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß must have some kind of fountain of youth, or is constantly drinking energy drinks laced with extreme happiness. Always smiling, always jumping around, always spot on perfect, he is a tremendous frontman that represents the band well. He can get a crowd worked up quickly, and drawn into his infectious personality.

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Save the video store—in more ways than one

Posted by Mark McLeod | Thursday, November 27, 2014 @ 8:10pm

My love of movies goes way back. Ever since I was a really little kid, I can remember having a love for movies. My earliest movie memory involves going to see An American Tail in theaters in 1986. That puts me at 4 years old. I remember covering my ears at the loud intense sound from the THX intro and the fire scene on the ship. I may have seen other movies before that, but that's the one that stands out in my mind.

In fact, many of my earliest movie memories revolve around that loveable little mouse and his family's trip to America. Well, that and my granny taking us to the movies and sneaking in her own snacks, something I frown upon people doing these days.

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Supernatural: Girls, Girls, Girls

Posted by Kyle Tetarenko | Tuesday, November 25, 2014 @ 9:50pm

Demons are getting with the times and using dating apps to makes deals for souls but don't be afraid: Impala67 is on the case.

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Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Posted by Andrew Burns | Thursday, November 20, 2014 @ 5:06pm

Trading in her blue body paint for a bow & arrow Jennifer Lawrence is back for her second blockbuster of the year. Returning to big screen as Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence and company reignite the phenomenon that is the Hunger Games for the final (sort of) chapter of this franchise.

Mockingjay Part 1 picks up a week or two after the dramatic conclusion in Catching Fire. After been rescued from the Games she so publicly ended, Katniss has been recovering in the underground stronghold of the thought gone District 13. Still mentally coping with the toll the Games took on her, Plutarch (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and the President of District 13 Alma Coin (played by Julianne Moore) attempt to jolt Katniss out of her traumatized state to become their symbol for their rebellion; their Mockingjay. When Katniss sees the aftermath of what President Snow and the Capital have done to the many districts, in a response of her destroying the Games, Katniss doesn't need any more convincing to join the cause.

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Supernatural: Ask Jeeves

Posted by Kyle Tetarenko | Wednesday, November 19, 2014 @ 1:05pm

Was it the Mrs. Peacock with a knife in the kitchen or Colonel Mustard with a rope in the library? On this week's episode of Supernatural, it's a case of whodunit as he Winchesters try to find the killer before it's too late.

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Album Review: Billy Idol - Kings and Queens of the Underworld

Posted by Chris Hearn | Sunday, November 16, 2014 @ 10:50am

Does anyone really need an introduction to Bill Idol? I don't think so. When it comes to Billy Idol, I like the hits, and he has had some good ones. But, face it, when some of these artists get older, they lose their edge and have difficulty repeating the successes of earlier releases. I didn't listen to -- or even know about -- 2005's Devil's Playground until recently. Yes, I have been out of touch with Billy Idol. That's why I decided I owed it to myself to check out this new album and tell you about it. I wanted to see what a mega hit maker who helped to define 80s rock was doing in 2014.

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