Survivor Gabon: The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy

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I don't have too much to say about this episode, other then I am in eager anticipation for the final two episodes! It was only a month ago I was detesting the season for its boring episodes and the endless losing streak of Fang, but its amazing what a merge and a few sleeping strategists can do! I must admit, although there are only a few castaways left I truly want to see win, every one of them brings something to these final episodes. Either the people are that different or the Survivor editors are in full swing.

I won't hang up on this episode in particular, because I would say the only memorable strategic event took place at Tribal. I also really want to get on with it and talk about where the players are standing now in regards to winning a million dollars.

Hey, Look who I Found!

One of the highlights of the episode was the family visit, something that is always pretty cool on Survivor. The challenge; however, was really quite pathetic! I know, they were wading through ankle deep mud and all strapped together, but geez! They were pretty much walking the entire time. I had to look away; I've never seen a challenge so slow in all my life.

Even though Bob won the challenge and got to spend some extra time with his wife the producers thought "what the hell, let's let everyone come to camp!" I'm a little pissed; I barely got to see my brother for more then a few minutes on my season let alone bring him to my camp (another sign that this season's Survivor's have it pretty damn easy). Matty's proposal to his girlfriend was cute, but a little strange. I think Matty was a bit overwhelmed from starvation and being away from home for that long. He seemed totally crazy love-struck, but who knows, perhaps it was all genuine.

Corrine attempts to stay, Kenny breaks ranks

The plan to save Corrine originally looked like a shaky plan, but as the episode continued it kind of started to make sense. At first it was," No way in hell that would work," and by the end it almost looked like that was what in fact would happen. See, I'm not really sure how much of that is truly the way things went out there or it was simply the editors playing with the footage they had. You can never really tell.

After all the crazy Idol play this episode and the blunder made by Kenny at Tribal Council Kenny is finally on the radar as a devious player. This was possibly the only pivitol strategic point in the episode; Kenny is exposed as the first of the core five alliance to collapse on itself. This will either ruin Kenny's game completely or open up a whole new can of worms in which Bob becomes a swing vote with other players scrambling to trust one another.

I love that as a byproduct of Corinne trying to save herself, Kenny made a big error. Sorry, for the past couple episodes Ken has been on my bad side; he's (being edited to be) too arrogant and creepy. I'm sure in real life he's a great guy.

Who's Gonna Win this Thing?

Bob is one of the coolest characters we've been able to see on the show in a while, a living representation of Bill Nye the science guy. Bob and Peggy really made the whole episode for me. There's really nothing bad I can say about Bob; I would definitely give this guy the million and I think he may have a legitimate shot at it the way he's been winning Immunity.

The only other person I would like to see win is Matty at this point. I like the kid and he really seems like a nice person. Sadly though, I could only see him reaching the final four or final three and losing a detrimental puzzle or balance challenge.

I don't think Sugar cannot make the final two (I believe it has already been predicted this season will be a final two). A lot of alliances rely on her and with the idol still in her possession she looks very good. If Kenny feels threatened this next episode he may try and flush it out, but I seriously doubt it. Weather or not Sugar can face the Old Kota jury; however, is up for debate.

Susie,.. how did she last this long into the game and what has she really attributed? She knows how to make fire and pretty much does all the housework around camp, but strategy wise? Susie reminds me of Cassandra from Survivor Fiji (and by "remember" I mean "don't remember at all" because they both contributed about nothing the entire season). I doubt she will make it past final four.

Crystal can kind of go either way; I'm not sure who she'll side with once the final five starts to collapse on itself. I could see her in the finals.

Kenny,.. Kenny is probably going off next. This is just a gut feeling but the kid has been ousted as the first to attack the core fivesome, and that usually creates a target on you. I have a feeling Kenny's days are numbered at Nobag.

I can't wait to see what unfolds next!

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Ariana says...

You're right, it's gotten A LOT more exciting the past few episodes. My roommate, who never watches Survivor, got sucked in by the whole fake idol thing Sugar (and Bob) pulled over on Randy, and now she's kind of addicted. Maybe more than me, even? Haha.

Personally I'm rooting for Sugar to take the whole thing. And yes, I cried when she and her sister paid tribute to their dad.

And I agree -- Matty's proposal was over the top, but in general he's seemed kind of over the top about his girlfriend the whole time, and hey, you can't buy devotion like that. I think she's a pretty lucky girl!

Dec 10, 2008 12:06pm

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