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Posted by: Paul Little  //  October 25, 2007 @ 1:05pm

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You may have noticed that something's different around here. If you've seen the teaser logo on the splash page of our site since late spring, you've probably been wondering what exactly "Showbiz Monkeys" or that crazy monkey face were. (You probably also wondered why it still said "Coming July 2007" well past July and into the fall -- but that's another story entirely!) The point is, is now here! And we're featuring news, reviews, interviews, and contests spanning the entire entertainment world.

Since we began in 2001 as, offering showtimes and screening contests in Winnipeg and Calgary, this website has undergone quite a few changes. I've personally re-designed the website about a half dozen times; we expanded beyond Winnipeg and Calgary (sans-showtimes) under the new name of (including into the U.S.); we began giving away DVDs and other prizes; we started posting interviews and features alongside our movie reviews; and over the last couple years, we've been giving away TV shows on DVD and covering a little bit of the world of television.

That last point really sparked our most monumental change yet. As, we'll be covering much more than just movies, and along with that, plan to give away more prizes than ever.

Besides the new coverage (Television, Music, and Comedy), you'll also notice that the entire website is now a blog-based site. Why did we do this? For one, because we're going to have a lot more original content, articles, and contributors, and so organizing it in a blog format made sense. Secondly, we want our visitors to be a bigger part of the site, and now that you can create an account and comment on each and every review and article, your voice can be heard.

(You might also be wondering why we chose the name Besides the fact that almost every domain name you can think of is already snagged up, we wanted to go with a name and identity that was a little more fun and a little less serious than what we've been in the past. After all, watching movies and TV and comedy, and listening to music -- not to mention winning prizes -- is fun!)

We understand that many of you have visited this site primarily for the contests, and while those will never go away as long as we're around, we hope you'll spend some time in the other sections of this site and get involved in discussions about your favourite (and not-so-favourite) movies, TV shows, bands, comedians, etc.

We've also added RSS feeds to our site, which you can access by clicking on the orange RSS icon in the link bar of each page (you can get feeds for any of our main post categories, as well as our contests).

From a personal standpoint, when I co-founded the website in 2001, I honestly just thought it was cool that we were able to give away movie passes to people in Winnipeg and Calgary. I had absolutely no idea that we were going to grow into the site you see today, with visitors (and contributors) from across Canada and the United States, and over 50 contests every year. So thank-you to everyone who has visited and/or over the last 6 years, and I hope you'll keep coming back to for years to come!


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Paul Little is the founder and Managing Editor of When not interviewing his favourite musicians and comedians, he can also be found at The Purple Room in Winnipeg, where he is Artistic Director. (@comedygeek)

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Despond says...

Booyah! First post? Um, ever? Bwa ha haaaa!

Anyways, the site looks great, looking forward to seeing what's coming up. I predict many strange/erotic/slapstick adventures in the world of film. And possibly some funny monkey flash cartoons.

Oct 21, 2007 8:02am

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