Release July 6, 2012 (Limited)
Cast Martin Donovan, David Morse, Olivia Williams, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Eileen Ryan
Director Martin Donovan
Writer Martin Donovan
Genres Comedy, Drama
Studio DViant Films/Entertainment One
Length 87 mins.


Collaborator was written and directed by Martin Donovan who also starts in the film alongside David Morse, and Olivia Williams. In the film, Martin Donovan plays Robert Longfellow, a famous playwright who can’t seem to catch a break. His recent Broadway play was met with horrible reviews and an early cancellation, and his marriage is being tested as an old flame (Olivia Williams) has reentered his life during a particular moment of weakness. Retreating back to his childhood home to visit his mother (Katherine Helmond), Robert crosses paths with his childhood neighbor, Gus (David Morse). A right-wing, ex-con who still lives at home with his mother, Gus is Robert’s polar opposite in every possible way. When Gus holds Robert hostage at gunpoint during a drunken reunion gone terribly wrong, the drama unfolds as social status, celebrity and the imminent threat of violence converge, building up to a climax that will leave both men forever changed.

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