The Good Dinosaur

Release November 25, 2015 (Wide)
Cast Neil Patrick Harris, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader, Judy Greer, John Lithgow, Lucas Neff
Director Peter Sohn
Writer Meg LeFauve
Genres Family
Studio Disney/Pixar
Length 102 mins.


This film sets to explore the possibility of co-habilitation between humans and dinosaurs, should the cataclysmic event of extinction never hit Earth. Central character and plant-eater Ario, a 70-foot tall Apatosaurus houses a big and generous heart. He lives with his family - siblings Forrest (Bill Hader), Ivy (Judy Greer), Cliff (Neil Patrick Harris) and his parents Momma (Frances McDormand) and Poppa (John Lithgow.)

A series of events lead him to befriend a young boy named Spot. The two friends navigate pre-historic life together in an effort to find peace in the community.

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