Some Kind Of Beautiful

Release August 21, 2015 (Limited)
Cast Salma Hayek, Pierce Brosnan, Jessica Alba, Malcolm McDowell, Ben McKenzie, Marlee Matlin, Duncan Joiner
Director Tom Vaughan
Writer Matthew Newman
Genres Comedy
Studio Lionsgate/VVS Films
Length 100 mins.


Cambridge poetry professor Richard Haig (Pierce Brosnan) has his life completely change when his fling with Kate (Jessica Alba), one of his students, results in her getting pregnant.

A few years later, he's enjoying his life with Kate and their son Jake, when she suddenly tells him she's in love with someone else. Upset, he gets a DUI and has his driving license taken away. Because of that, when he gets visitation with his son, Kate has her stepsister (Salma Hayek) accompany Jake, to make sure he's being looked after properly. Richard realizes it's finally time for him to grow up.

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