Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Release August 21, 2015 (Limited)
Cast Steve Jobs
Director Alex Gibney
Genres Documentary
Studio Magnolia Pictures/Video Services Corp.
Length 120 mins.


Apple legend Steve Jobs is famous for his genius. But who was the man on the stage under the giant iPhones? What was it that caused so many strangers around the world to grieve when he died? Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney presents a critical examination of Jobs, revered both as an iconoclastic genius and denounced as a barbed-tongued tyrant.

In a candid way, the film shows us Jobs through interviews with a handful of those who were close to him at different stages in his life. It delves into his legacy and our relationship with computers and technology, while unravelling the larger than life myth he created. It also examines how his work and ideas continue to shape the culture of Silicon Valley to this day.

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