Sunset Song

Release May 13, 2016 (Limited)
Cast Agyness Deynn, Peter Mullan, Kevin Guthrie, Jack Greenlees
Director Terence Davies
Writer Terence Davies
Genres Drama
Studio Iris Productions/Unobstructed View Inc.
Length 135 mins.


Based on Lewis Grassic Gibbon's classic novel, the film focuses on the life of the Guthrie family in northeast Scotland in the early 1900s. The family is led by a patriarch (Peter Mullan) who is prone to anger and has caused his fearful wife to retreat into silence.

Chris (Agyness Deyn), their beautiful and intelligent daughter, and her brother Will (Jack Greenlees) dream of freedom and escape from their situation and the village in which they live. Freedom comes suddenly and Chris eventually finds happiness in the form of newcomer Ewan Tavendale (Kevin Guthrie).

Unfortunately, Chris' newfound happiness is not to be. Despite their change in fortune, the lives of Chris, Will, Ewan and everyone else are ultimately disrupted by the beginning of WWI.

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