Release July 30, 2005 (Limited)
Cast Rouxnet Brown, Brett Goldin, Tessa Jubber, Jeroen Kranenburg, Dean Lotz, Kwanda Malunga, Terry Norton, Jane Rademeyer, Neil Sandilands, Shaun Smyth, Grant Swanby, Kristen Thomson
Director John Greyson
Writer John Greyson, Jack Lewis
Genres Drama, Romance
Studio Strand Releasing
Length 97 mins.


As beautiful and lush as the flower after which it is named, Proteus is an exquisite, romantic period piece that skillfully explores the intersections of sex, race, and politics. Set in South Africa in the eighteenth century and based on real events, the story concerns young livestock herder Claas Blank, who is unjustly arrested and imprisoned for attempting to retrieve cattle taken by white colonizers. Sentenced to hard labor, Claas crosses paths with a Dutch sailor. Despite their vast cultural differences, Claas begins a tentative love affair with the sailor, setting in motion a course of events that brings tragic consequences for all.

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