The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Release February 12, 2021 (Limited)
Cast Kathryn Newton, Kyle Allen
Director Ian Samuels
Writer Lev Grossman
Genres Fantasy, Romance
Studio Amazon Studios
Length 99 mins.


Living in a small town in his final year of high school with the future ahead of him, Mark (Kyle Allen) isn't quite sure what's in store for him. However, after a few odd incidents of déjà vu Mark begins to realize that he's in a time loop, repeating the same day over and over again.

As he tries to understand his situation he notices that there happens to be one other person aware of the time loop, a girl named Margaret (Kathryn Newton) whom he soon befriends. Together the two teens explore all the things they wanted to do in their small town with little consequence to their actions. As feelings begin to develop between the two, the reality sets in that they can't stay within this loop forever—but something is holding Margaret back from moving forward.

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