Duck Season

Release March 10, 2006 (Limited)
Cast Enrique Arreola, Diego Cataño, Daniel Miranda, Danny Perea, Carolina Politi, Antonio Zúñiga, Alfredo Escobar, Sara Castro
Director Fernando Eimbcke
Writer Fernando Eimbcke, Paula Markovitch
Genres Comedy, Drama
Studio Warner Independent Pictures
Length 87 mins.


Flama and Moko are fourteen years old; they have been best friends since they were young. They have everything they need to survive yet another boring Sunday: an apartment without parents, video games, porn magazines, soft drinks, and pizza delivery. The electricity company, Rita the neighbor, Ulises a pizza deliveryman, eleven seconds, the Real Madrid-Manchester game, some chocolate brownies, and a horrible painting of ducks, all combine to break the harmony of what promised to be a placid Sunday. They also reveal issues such as the parents' divorce, loneliness, the confusion between adolescent love and friendship, as well as frustration in adult life.

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