2020 Movie Releases

By Title  •  By Release Date

The Grudge January 3 (Wide)

Just Mercy January 10 (Wide)

Like a Boss January 10 (Wide)

Underwater January 10 (Wide)

Bad Boys for Life January 17 (Wide)

Clemency January 17 (Wide)

Dolittle January 17 (Wide)

Les Misérables January 17 (Limited)

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon January 17 (Wide)

Color Out of Space January 24 (Limited)

The Gentlemen January 24 (Wide)

The Last Full Measure January 24 (Limited)

The Turning January 24 (Wide)

Beanpole January 29 (Limited)

Gretel & Hansel January 31 (Wide)

The Rhythm Section January 31 (Wide)

The Assistant February 7 (Limited)

Come to Daddy February 7 (Limited)

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey February 7 (Wide)

The Lodge February 7 (Limited)

Downhill February 14 (Limited)

Fantasy Island February 14 (Wide)

The Photograph February 14 (Wide)

Portrait of a Lady on Fire February 14 (Limited)

Sonic the Hedgehog February 14 (Wide)

Emma February 20 (Limited)

Brahms: The Boy II February 21 (Wide)

The Call of the Wild February 21 (Wide)

Ordinary Love February 21 (Limited)

Premature February 21 (Limited)

Corpus Christi February 28 (Limited)

Guns Akimbo February 28 (Limited)

The Invisible Man February 28 (Wide)

Seberg February 28 (Limited)

Wendy February 28 (Limited)

Extra Ordinary March 6 (Limited)

Greed March 6 (Limited)

Onward March 6 (Wide)

Run This Town March 6 (Limited)

Sorry We Missed You March 6 (Limited)

The Way Back March 6 (Wide)

Bloodshot March 13 (Wide)

Burden March 13 (Limited)

The Hunt March 13 (Wide)

I Still Believe March 13 (Wide)

Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always March 20 (Limited)

Tape March 26 (Limited)

Banana Split March 27 (Limited)

Resistance March 27 (Limited)

Vivarium March 27 (Limited)

Dolphin Reef April 3 (Limited)

Elephant April 3 (Limited)

It Started as a Joke April 3 (Limited)

James vs. His Future Self April 3 (Limited)

Rogue Warfare: The Hunt April 3 (Limited)

The Lost Husband April 10 (Limited)

Sea Fever April 10 (Limited)

Trolls World Tour April 10 (Wide)

We Summon The Darkness April 10 (Limited)

Bad Therapy April 17 (Limited)

The Quarry April 17 (Limited)

The Willoughbys April 22 (Limited)

Extraction April 24 (Limited)

My Spy April 24 (Limited)

True History of the Kelly Gang April 24 (Limited)

Bad Education April 25 (Limited)

Braking for Whales April 29 (Limited)

A Secret Love April 29 (Limited)

Arkansas May 1 (Limited)

Dream Horse May 1 (Limited)

Endings, Beginnings May 1 (Limited)

The Half of It May 1 (Limited)

Tammy's Always Dying May 1 (Limited)

Blue Story May 5 (Limited)

Working Man May 5 (Limited)

How to Build a Girl May 8 (Limited)

Spaceship Earth May 8 (Limited)

Sweetness in the Belly May 8 (Limited)

Valley Girl May 8 (Limited)

Walkaway Joe May 8 (Limited)

Capone May 12 (Limited)

The Wrong Missy May 13 (Limited)

Blood and Money May 15 (Limited)

Proximity May 15 (Limited)

SCOOB! May 15 (Limited)

Body Cam May 19 (Limited)

Inheritance May 22 (Limited)

The Lovebirds May 22 (Limited)

Lucky Grandma May 22 (Limited)

The Painter and the Thief May 22 (Limited)

The Trip to Greece May 22 (Limited)

I'm No Longer Here May 27 (Limited)

Debt Collectors May 29 (Limited)

Dreamland (2020) May 29 (Limited)

End of Sentence May 29 (Limited)

The High Note May 29 (Limited)

The Rise of the Synths May 29 (Limited)

Spelling the Dream June 3 (Limited)

2040 June 5 (Limited)

Becky June 5 (Limited)

Judy & Punch June 5 (Limited)

Shirley June 5 (Limited)

Tommaso June 5 (Limited)

40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic June 9 (Limited)

Here Awhile June 9 (Limited)

Think Like a Dog June 9 (Limited)

Artemis Fowl June 12 (Limited)

Aviva June 12 (Limited)

Da 5 Bloods June 12 (Limited)

Darkness Falls June 12 (Limited)

Exit Plan June 12 (Limited)

Infamous June 12 (Limited)

The King of Staten Island June 12 (Limited)

The Surrogate June 12 (Limited)

2 Minutes of Fame June 16 (Limited)

Mope June 16 (Limited)

Tainted June 16 (Limited)

You Don't Nomi June 16 (Limited)

(In)Visible Portraits June 19 (Limited)

7500 June 19 (Limited)

Babyteeth June 19 (Limited)

Dads June 19 (Limited)

Disclosure June 19 (Limited)

Feel The Beat June 19 (Limited)

Looks That Kill June 19 (Limited)

Miss Juneteenth June 19 (Limited)

Mr. Jones June 19 (Limited)

Runner June 19 (Limited)

Wasp Network June 19 (Limited)

You Should Have Left June 19 (Limited)

Aquaslash June 23 (Limited)

Athlete A June 24 (Limited)

Nobody Knows I'm Here June 24 (Limited)

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga June 26 (Limited)

Hammer June 26 (Limited)

Irresistible June 26 (Limited)

Run with the Hunted June 26 (Limited)

Force of Nature June 30 (Limited)

Four Kids and It June 30 (Limited)

Denise Ho: Becoming the Song July 1 (Limited)

Desperados July 3 (Limited)

Family Romance, LLC July 3 (Limited)

Hamilton July 3 (Limited)

John Lewis: Good Trouble July 3 (Limited)

The Outpost July 3 (Limited)

The Truth July 3 (Limited)

Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo July 7 (Limited)

Mighty Oak July 7 (Limited)

White Lie July 7 (Limited)

White Riot July 9 (Limited)

Archive July 10 (Limited)

Fisherman's Friends July 10 (Limited)

Greyhound July 10 (Limited)

Guest of Honour July 10 (Limited)

Money Plane July 10 (Limited)

A Most Beautiful Thing July 10 (Limited)

Never Too Late July 10 (Limited)

The Old Guard July 10 (Limited)

Palm Springs July 10 (Limited)

Relic July 10 (Limited)

Volition July 10 (Limited)

We Are Little Zombies July 10 (Limited)

Catch and Release July 14 (Limited)

A Nice Girl Like You July 14 (Limited)

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home July 15 (Limited)

Fatal Affair July 16 (Limited)

Possessor July 16 (Limited)

The Silencing July 16 (Limited)

Cut Throat City July 17 (Limited)

Dirt Music July 17 (Limited)

Ghosts of War July 17 (Limited)

Saint Maud July 17 (Limited)

The Sunlit Night July 17 (Limited)

The Cuban July 20 (Limited)

Amulet July 24 (Limited)

Animal Crackers July 24 (Limited)

Babysplitters July 24 (Limited)

The Kissing Booth 2 July 24 (Limited)

Most Wanted July 24 (Limited)

Radioactive July 24 (Limited)

The Rental July 24 (Limited)

Retaliation July 24 (Limited)

Yes, God, Yes July 24 (Limited)

Boys State July 31 (Limited)

The Fight July 31 (Limited)

Random Acts of Violence July 31 (Limited)

The Secret: Dare to Dream July 31 (Limited)

Summerland July 31 (Limited)

Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison July 31 (Limited)

An American Pickle August 6 (Limited)

The Burnt Orange Heresy August 7 (Limited)

I Used to Go Here August 7 (Limited)

Made In Italy August 7 (Limited)

Paydirt August 7 (Limited)

The Secret Garden August 7 (Limited)

Spinster August 7 (Limited)

The Tax Collector August 7 (Limited)

Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula August 7 (Limited)

Waiting for the Barbarians August 7 (Limited)

Work It August 7 (Limited)

Valley of the Gods August 11 (Limited)

The Bay of Silence August 14 (Limited)

The One and Only Ivan August 14 (Limited)

Project Power August 14 (Limited)

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run August 14 (Limited)

Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies August 18 (Limited)

The 24th August 21 (Limited)

5 Years Apart August 21 (Limited)

Ava August 21 (Limited)

Charm City Kings August 21 (Limited)

Chemical Hearts August 21 (Limited)

How to Fake a War August 21 (Limited)

The Sleepover August 21 (Limited)

Stage Mother August 21 (Limited)

Tesla August 21 (Limited)

Unhinged August 21 (Limited)

The Vanished August 21 (Limited)

Words on Bathroom Walls August 21 (Limited)

Benjamin August 25 (Limited)

One Night in Bangkok August 25 (Limited)

Tenet August 27 (Limited)

All Together Now August 28 (Limited)

Bill & Ted Face the Music August 28 (Limited)

Fatima August 28 (Limited)

Hard Kill August 28 (Limited)

The New Mutants August 28 (Wide)

The Personal History of David Copperfield August 28 (Limited)

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe August 28 (Limited)

Rogue August 28 (Limited)

Still Here August 28 (Limited)

You Cannot Kill David Arquette August 28 (Limited)

Robin's Wish September 1 (Limited)

Love, Guaranteed September 3 (Limited)

The Argument September 4 (Limited)

Critical Thinking September 4 (Limited)

Feels Good Man September 4 (Limited)

Guest House September 4 (Limited)

I'm Thinking of Ending Things September 4 (Limited)

Mulan September 4 (Limited)

The Owners September 4 (Limited)

Love Sarah September 7 (Limited)

All In: The Fight for Democracy September 9 (Limited)

Cuties September 9 (Limited)

Unpregnant September 10 (Limited)

The Broken Hearts Gallery September 11 (Limited)

The Devil All the Time September 16 (Limited)

The Secrets We Keep September 16 (Limited)

Antebellum September 18 (Limited)

Blackbird September 18 (Limited)

Kajillionaire September 18 (Limited)

Lost Girls & Love Hotels September 18 (Limited)

The Nest September 18 (Wide)

After We Collided September 25 (Limited)

The Artists Wife September 25 (Limited)

The Last Shift September 25 (Limited)

LX 2048 September 25 (Limited)

The Boys in the Band September 30 (Limited)

The Glorias September 30 (Limited)

Then Came You September 30 (Limited)

A Call to Spy October 2 (Limited)

Death of Me October 2 (Limited)

Miss Virginia October 2 (Limited)

On The Rocks October 2 (Limited)

Save Yourselves! October 2 (Limited)

Spontaneous October 2 (Wide)

Black Box October 6 (Limited)

The Lie October 6 (Limited)

Books of Blood October 7 (Limited)

Hubie Halloween October 7 (Limited)

The Forty-Year-Old Version October 9 (Limited)

Honest Thief October 9 (Limited)

Percy October 9 (Limited)

A Rainy Day in New York October 9 (Limited)

The War with Grandpa October 9 (Limited)

Evil Eye October 13 (Wide)

Nocturne October 13 (Limited)

2 Hearts October 16 (Limited)

Clouds October 16 (Limited)

The Devil has a Name October 16 (Limited)

I Am Greta October 16 (Limited)

Love and Monsters October 16 (Limited)

The Trial of the Chicago 7 October 16 (Limited)

The Mothman Legacy October 20 (Limited)

Rebecca October 21 (Limited)

The Witches October 22 (Limited)

Bad Hair October 23 (Limited)

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm October 23 (Limited)

The Empty Man October 23 (Limited)

Friendsgiving October 23 (Limited)

Over the Moon October 23 (Limited)

Synchronic October 23 (Limited)

Time October 23 (Limited)

The Craft: Legacy October 28 (Limited)

Holidate October 28 (Limited)

Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story October 30 (Limited)

Come Play October 30 (Limited)

The True Adventures of Wolfboy October 30 (Limited)

Misbehaviour November 3 (Limited)

Operation Christmas Drop November 5 (Limited)

The Kid Detective November 6 (Limited)

Let Him Go November 6 (Limited)

Ammonite November 13 (Limited)

Chick Fight November 13 (Limited)

The Climb November 13 (Limited)

Come Away November 13 (Limited)

The Comeback Trail November 13 (Limited)

Freaky November 13 (Limited)

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey November 13 (Limited)

The Life Ahead November 13 (Limited)

Monsoon November 13 (Limited)

The New Corporation November 13 (Limited)

The Ride November 13 (Limited)

Dreamland November 17 (Limited)

Fatman November 17 (Limited)

Hearts and Bones November 20 (Limited)

The Last Vermeer November 20 (Limited)

Run November 20 (Limited)

Vanguard November 20 (Limited)

Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square November 22 (Limited)

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder November 23 (Limited)

Buddy Games November 24 (Limited)

Hillbilly Elegy November 24 (Limited)

The Croods: A New Age November 25 (Limited)

Happiest Season November 25 (Limited)

Stardust November 25 (Limited)

Uncle Frank November 25 (Limited)

Superintelligence November 26 (Limited)

Black Beauty November 27 (Limited)

Princess of the Row November 27 (Limited)

Anything for Jackson December 3 (Limited)

All My Life December 4 (Limited)

Black Bear December 4 (Limited)

Godmothered December 4 (Limited)

Mank December 4 (Limited)

Smiley Face Killers December 4 (Limited)

Wander December 4 (Limited)

What Lies Below December 4 (Limited)

Let Them All Talk December 10 (Limited)

Archenemy December 11 (Limited)

The Prom December 11 (Limited)

Queer Japan December 11 (Limited)

Safety December 11 (Limited)

Songbird December 11 (Limited)

Wander Darkly December 11 (Limited)

Wild Mountain Thyme December 11 (Limited)

Fatale December 18 (Limited)

The Father December 18 (Limited)

Greenland December 18 (Limited)

Hunter Hunter December 18 (Limited)

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom December 18 (Limited)

Max Cloud December 18 (Limited)

Monster Hunter December 18 (Wide)

Sister of the Groom December 18 (Limited)

The Midnight Sky December 23 (Limited)

Sylvie's Love December 23 (Limited)

News of the World December 25 (Limited)

Promising Young Woman December 25 (Limited)

Soul December 25 (Limited)

We Can Be Heroes December 25 (Limited)

Wonder Woman 1984 December 25 (Wide)

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