Kyle Tetarenko

Kyle lives in Edmonton, Alberta and is currently doing reviews in between working on his own screenplay.

An avid gamer and comic fan, Kyle's interests in film and television take him wherever there is an engaging story.

He enjoys a number of shows such as Supernatural, Smallville, Dexter, Criminal Minds, Law and Order (SVU and the original), House and Mad Men. Kyle has an inherent love of all things sci-fi and fantasy such as Battlestar Galactica, Lord of the Rings and the king of all B movies, Bruce Campbell.

While he believes that the horror genre has almost disappeared, he still gets nervous when walking by a copy of Child's Play in the video store after watching the first three at the age of four.

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Supernatural: Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire (10.08.15)

Supernatural: Brotherís Keeper (05.20.15)

Supernatural: The Prisoner (05.14.15)

Supernatural: Dark Dynasty (05.06.15)

Supernatural: Angel Heart (04.30.15)

Supernatural: The Werther Project (04.22.15)

Supernatural: Book of the Damned (04.15.15)

Supernatural: Inside Man (04.01.15)

Supernatural: Paint it Black (03.26.15)

Supernatural: The Things They Carried (03.19.15)

Supernatural: The Executionerís Song (02.17.15)

Supernatural: Halt & Catch Fire (02.10.15)

Supernatural: About a Boy (02.04.15)

Supernatural: Thereís No Place Like Home (01.29.15)

Supernatural: The Hunter Games (01.20.15)

Supernatural: The Things We Left Behind (12.10.14)

Supernatural: Hibbing 911 (12.03.14)

Supernatural: Girls, Girls, Girls (11.25.14)

Supernatural: Ask Jeeves (11.19.14)

Supernatural: Fan Fiction (11.11.14)

Supernatural: Paper Moon (10.28.14)

Supernatural: Soul Survivor (10.21.14)

Supernatural: Reichenbach (10.14.14)

Supernatural: Black (10.08.14)

Supernatural: Do You Believe in Miracles (05.20.14)

Supernatural: Stairway to Heaven (05.15.14)

Supernatural: King of the Damned (05.06.14)

Supernatural: Bloodlines (04.29.14)

Supernatural: Alex Annie Alexis Ann (04.22.14)

Supernatural: Meta Fiction (04.15.14)

Supernatural: Motherís Little Helper (03.25.14)

Supernatural: Blade Runners (03.18.14)

Supernatural: #Thinman (03.04.14)

Supernatural: Captives (02.25.14)

Supernatural: The Purge (02.04.14)

Supernatural: Sharp Teeth (01.28.14)

Supernatural: First Born (01.21.14)

Supernatural: Road Trip (01.15.14)

Supernatural: Holy Terror (12.03.13)

Supernatural: Rock and a Hard Place (11.26.13)

Supernatural: Bad Boys (11.19.13)

Supernatural: Heaven Can Wait (11.12.13)

Supernatural: Dog Dean Afternoon (11.05.13)

Supernatural: Slumber Party (10.29.13)

Supernatural: I'm No Angel (10.22.13)

Supernatural: Devil May Care (10.15.13)

Supernatural: I Think Iím Going to Like It Here (10.08.13)

The Vampire Diaries: Graduation (05.16.13)

Supernatural: Sacrifice (05.15.13)

The Vampire Diaries: The Walking Dead (05.09.13)

Supernatural: Clip Show (05.08.13)

The Vampire Diaries: She`s Come Undone (05.02.13)

Supernatural: The Great Escapist (05.01.13)

The Vampire Diaries: The Originals (04.25.13)

Supernatural: Pac-Man Fever (04.24.13)

The Vampire Diaries: Pictures of You (04.18.13)

Supernatural: Taxi Driver (04.03.13)

The Vampire Diaries: American Gothic (03.28.13)

Supernatural: Freaks and Geeks (03.27.13)

The Vampire Diaries: Because the Night (03.21.13)

Supernatural: Goodbye Stranger (03.20.13)

The Vampire Diaries: Bring it On (03.14.13)

Supernatural: Remember the Titans (02.27.13)

The Vampire Diaries: Stand by Me (02.21.13)

Supernatural: Manís Best Friend with Benefits (02.20.13)

The Vampire Diaries: Down the Rabbit Hole (02.14.13)

Supernatural: Trial and Error (02.13.13)

The Vampire Diaries: Into the Wild (02.07.13)

Supernatural: Everybody Hates Hitler (02.06.13)

The Vampire Diaries: A View to Kill (01.31.13)

Supernatural: As Time Goes By (01.30.13)

The Vampire Diaries: Catch Me If You Can (01.24.13)

Supernatural: LARP and the Real Girl (01.23.13)

The Vampire Diaries: After School Special (01.17.13)

Supernatural: Torn and Frayed (01.16.13)

The Vampire Diaries: O Come, All Ye Faithful (12.13.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Weíll Always Have Bourbon Street (12.06.12)

Supernatural: Citizen Fang (12.05.12)

The Vampire Diaries: My Brotherís Keeper (11.29.12)

Supernatural: Hunteri Heroici (11.28.12)

The Vampire Diaries: We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes (11.15.12)

Supernatural: A Little Slice of Kevin (11.14.12)

The Vampire Diaries: The Killer (11.08.12)

Supernatural: Southern Comfort (11.07.12)

The Vampire Diaries: The Five (11.01.12)

Supernatural: Blood Brother (11.01.12)

The Vampire Diaries: The Rager (10.26.12)

Supernatural: Bitten (10.25.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Memorial (10.18.12)

Supernatural: Heartache (10.17.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Growing Pains (10.11.12)

Supernatural: Whatís Up, Tiger Mommy? (10.11.12)

Supernatural: We Need to Talk About Kevin (10.04.12)

Supernatural: Survival of the Fittest (05.19.12)

Supernatural: There Will Be Blood (05.14.12)

The Vampire Diaries: The Departed (05.10.12)

Supernatural: Reading is Fundamental (05.05.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Before Sunset (05.05.12)

Supernatural: The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo (04.29.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Do Not Go Gentle (04.29.12)

Supernatural: Of Grave Importance (04.24.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Heart of Darkness (04.19.12)

Supernatural: Party on, Garth (04.01.12)

The Vampire Diaries: The Murder of One (03.31.12)

Supernatural: The Born-Again Identity (03.26.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Break on Through (03.25.12)

Supernatural: Out with the Old (03.19.12)

The Vampire Diaries: 1912 (03.19.12)

Supernatural: Repo Man (02.19.12)

The Vampire Diaries: All My Children (02.16.12)

Supernatural: Plucky Pennywhistleís Magical Menagerie (02.13.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Dangerous Liaisons (02.09.12)

Supernatural: The Slice Girls (02.06.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Bringing Out the Dead (02.04.12)

The Vampire Diaries: The Ties That Bind (01.22.12)

Supernatural: Time After Time After Time (01.15.12)

The Vampire Diaries: Our Town (01.15.12)

Supernatural: Adventures in Babysitting (01.06.12)

The Vampire Diaries: The New Deal (01.06.12)

Supernatural: Death's Door (12.04.11)

Supernatural: How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters (11.21.11)

Supernatural: Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! (11.13.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Homecoming (11.13.11)

Supernatural: The Mentalists (11.06.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Ordinary People (11.03.11)

Supernatural: Slash Fiction (10.30.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Ghost World (10.27.11)

Supernatural: Shut Up, Dr. Phil (10.23.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Smells Like Teen Spirit (10.20.11)

Supernatural: Defending Your Life (10.15.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The Reckoning (10.13.11)

Supernatural: The Girl Next Door (10.11.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Disturbing Behaviour (10.06.11)

Supernatural: Hello Cruel World (10.02.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The End of the Affair (09.29.11)

Supernatural: Meet the New Boss (09.24.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The Hybrid (09.22.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The Birthday (09.15.11)

Supernatural: The Man Who Knew Too Much (05.24.11)

Supernatural: Let It Bleed (05.19.11)

The Vampire Diaries: As I Lay Dying (05.15.11)

Supernatural: The Man Who Would Be King (05.09.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The Sun Also Rises (05.09.11)

Supernatural: Mommy Dearest (05.02.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The Last Day (05.02.11)

Supernatural: Frontierland (04.25.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Klaus (04.22.11)

Supernatural: My Heart Will Go On (04.18.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The Last Dance (04.17.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Know Thy Enemy (04.07.11)

Supernatural: And Then There Were None (03.07.11)

Supernatural: The French Mistake (02.28.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The House Guest (02.24.11)

Supernatural: Mannequin 3: The Reckoning (02.21.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The Dinner Party (02.17.11)

Supernatural: Unforgiven (02.14.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Crying Wolf (02.10.11)

Supernatural: Like a Virgin (02.05.11)

The Vampire Diaries: Daddy Issues (02.03.11)

The Vampire Diaries: The Descent (01.30.11)

Supernatural: Appointment in Samarra (12.14.10)

The Vampire Diaries: By the Light of the Moon (12.13.10)

Supernatural: Caged Heat (12.07.10)

The Vampire Diaries: The Sacrifice (12.06.10)

Supernatural: Clap Your Hands if You Believe (11.22.10)

Supernatural: All Dogs Go to Heaven (11.17.10)

The Vampire Diaries: Katerina (11.16.10)

Supernatural: Family Matters (11.09.10)

The Vampire Diaries: Rose (11.08.10)

Supernatural: You Canít Handle the Truth (11.02.10)

The Vampire Diaries: The Masquerade (11.01.10)

Supernatural: Live Free or Twi-Hard (10.26.10)

The Vampire Diaries: Plan B (10.24.10)

Supernatural: Weekend at Bobbyís (10.18.10)

Supernatural: The Third Man (10.12.10)

The Vampire Diaries: Kill or Be Killed (10.11.10)

Supernatural: Two and a Half Men (10.04.10)

The Vampire Diaries: Memory Lane (10.03.10)

Supernatural: Exile on Main St. (09.27.10)

The Vampire Diaries: Bad Moon Rising (09.26.10)

The Vampire Diaries: Brave New World (09.20.10)

The Vampire Diaries: The Return (09.09.10)

Supernatural: Swan Song (05.14.10)

Supernatural: Two Minutes to Midnight (05.07.10)

Supernatural: The Devil You Know (04.30.10)

Supernatural: Hammer of the Gods (04.23.10)

Supernatural: Point of No Return (04.16.10)

Supernatural: 99 Problems (04.09.10)

Supernatural: Dark Side of the Moon (04.02.10)

Supernatural: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (03.26.10)

Supernatural: My Bloody Valentine (02.12.10)

Supernatural: The Song remains the Same (02.05.10)

Supernatural: Swap Meat (01.29.10)

Supernatural: Sam, Interrupted (01.22.10)

Review: Daybreakers (01.08.10)

Review: Sherlock Holmes (12.25.09)

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