Review: Brokeback Mountain

Posted by: Tom Milroy  //  December 9, 2005 @ 11:59am

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Director Ang Lee makes good movies: Sense and Sensibility, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and The Hulk well, two out of three ain't bad. He also made Brokeback Mountain.

I admit, I was not looking forward to seeing this movie. A story of two gay men in 1960s Wyoming was about as appealing as watching The Princess Diaries again. But I was impressed. Heath Ledger is outstanding and Jake Gyllenhaal is very good.

Ennis and Jack are two cowboys working rodeo and doing odd jobs to make ends meet. After their first "experience", Ennis Heath Ledger's character tells Jack it was a one-time thing. Not true. Anyway, years go by before they meet again, and both are now married and have children.

Ennis' wife is played by Ledger's real-life wife Michelle Williams. Jack's wife is played by Anne Hathaway.

To dismiss Brokeback Mountain as a "gay" film doesn't really tell the whole story. It's a story of love and pain and yearning. To tell you more about what goes on would only spoil it. The movie has been nominated for seven Golden Globes and it's bound to receive Oscar nods as well.

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