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The Simpsons: Loan-A Lisa

Posted by Lawrence Lee | Sunday, October 3, 2010 @ 8:05pm

Grandpa Simpson decided that it was time for him to hand out his life's savings to his family, which turned out to be fifty dollars to each family member. This episode primarily focused on Lisa and Homer's spending. Homer, after watching Marge return an expensive purse that she enjoyed, was inspired to abuse of return policies. This led to him purchasing goods that he had no intention on keeping. His only intention was to borrow the goods, use them, and then to return it to the store. Homer, in his infinite wisdom, took this to a level of shameless excess, and this behaviour eventually caught up to him.

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Bones: The Dwarf in the Dirt (S05E07)

Posted by Jolee Alberts | Friday, November 13, 2009 @ 10:56pm

Twas a weird Bones night indeed. Guest stars: Stephen Fry (as Dr. Gordon Wyatt), Dan Castellaneta (as Officer Novarro), and Homer Simpson (as an X-ray). Also starring a lepruchaun.

A tiny green skeleton is found buried under a freeway, lying in a pot of gold. Okay, not literally, it was lying on a few gold pieces. Our intrepid crew once again jumps to the least likely conclusion of "leprechaun", before discovering a more palusible midget-wrestling-love-triangle-gold-heist scenario. Also, more on Booth's not-so-broken brain and his impotent gun.

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TV on DVD/Blu-ray Releases: October 7

Posted by Cameron McLeod | Monday, October 6, 2008 @ 11:39pm

TV on DVD Releases

  • The Simpsons (Complete Eleventh Season)
  • 30 Rock: Season 2
  • How I Met Your Mother – Season 3
  • The Three Stooges Collection, Vol. 4: 1943-1945
  • Mission Impossible – The Fifth TV season

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