Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Black Swan

Posted by: Shane Hallam  //  November 6, 2009 @ 12:58pm

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Sunday night's Curb Your Enthusiasm was adequate; it was a bit on the ordinary side for the television program, meaning that it reverted to some of the season 4 or 5 type of writing, where the plot was somewhat one-dimensional and entirely predictable. However, that being said, the program was still very enjoyable as Curb typically is; it just wasn't outstanding the way the rest of the season, with its complex plots and guest stars, has been so far.

Larry found himself in a precarious situation when he continually annoyed the owner of his favourite golf club, leaving his cellphone on during breakfast, accidentally causing another member to have a heart attack and die (!) and surreptitiously killing the owner's black swan when it attacked him on the course. Larry spent the episode attempting to conceal the death of the swan amongst urgings from his friends to report the death and come clean, while also managing to offend the man who was to correct the inscription on his mother's tombstone. This led to the tombstone inscriber exposing Larry as the swan murderer that he was, on the tombstone itself, while the former situation caused Larry to propound theories of murders by the swan, and to overtip his waiter by an exorbitant amount when he believed that he had discovered his secret through gaining control of his Blackberry.

I was disappointed to see that the cast of Seinfeld was not on the program this week. Jerry's performance was such a treat last episode that I am finding that I must have my fix of Seinfeld; anything less than Jerry (and the rest of the gang, to an extent) somehow feels slightly empty. The Seinfeld story arc will resume next week in an episode entitled "Officer Krupke", so hopefully, and most likely we will see the return of at least Jerry, when Larry's ex-wife Cheryl auditions for the role of George Costantza's ex-wife, mirroring she and Larry's relationship in "real-life" (within the Curb universe). A sidenote for those who weren't aware, but this makes all the more sense when considering that Larry David is the basis for the character of George, and has recently undergone a divorce with his former spouse, Laurie David. In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry ensures that art certainly mirrors reality, and not the other way around.

Tune in to HBO on Sunday at 9 p.m. to view the next instalment of Curb.

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