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Better get your popcorn ready, because Mall Cop is hitting theatres. This new Happy Madison production stars lovable big man Kevin James (Paul Blart), who also did some of the co-writing for this movie. Without giving too much away, Paul Blart is a mall cop who fails his police training time and time again, just to be back in the position he loves: guarding the mall. On the busiest shopping day in the USA, a team of biking and skateboarding crooks takes over the shopping mall. You add to the mix that Blart's love interest Amy (Jayma Mays) is one of the hostages taken, and Blart vows to take out these intruders by any means possible. Who knows a mall better than an out of shape mall cop, right? Well, that's what going down in this Sandler-produced comedy.

What can I say about this one? Well, when I first saw the trailer to this, I was excited. Now hear me out... Kevin James was in one of my favourite shows, King of Queens. Plus, everyone knows when you see a mall cop, your first reaction is to say, "There is a person who couldn't cut it in the police force -- they are a joke." So all I had to know was funny big man + funny occupation = good movie idea. Well, they didn't disappoint.

Mall Cop surprisingly has some nice action features, and yes, most involve Mr. Blart. This movie also answers the kid-in-me question: what would it be like to bike inside an empty mall? That's right, BMX jumps in a mall scenario is what I am talking about, but they add probably the funniest element to it by making it into a chase scene. To see Kevin James speeding away from a criminal on a skateboard and bike, while on his segway (a vehicle funny in its own right), is outstanding. Kevin James shows that even the biggest man can be nimble at times -- maybe not as nimble as he would like, but nimble none the less. By using his knowledge of his surroundings, Blart takes out criminal after criminal, while getting gradually more confident in his efforts to protect the mall. Oh yes, and let's not forget the "Guitar Hero" shot. Well it's there. Anyone who is interested in the game knows how involved you get, and Kevin James uses it in his own way to get away from his sadness and just ignore what's going on around him... like the mall getting taken over. So this movie brings together some funny moments that will make you laugh your butt off while still wanting more. Plus, with a moustache like Blart's, you had better be prepared to tickle your funny bone.

This movie has many hilarious moments in it, but there was one thing that I didn't find so good about this flick -- it became a little predictable, not in the comedy aspect, because I laughed the entire movie, but with the plot. It didn't affect my perception of the movie as a whole, though. All in all, I would recommend seeing Paul Blart: Mall Cop. So take it easy, moviegoers, because "nobody wins with a head butt".

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