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Submarine is a dreary, coming-of-age tale of a young bloke in Wales trying to keep his parent's marriage together while getting himself laid for the first time. I left before the end of the screening, so that should tell you what I really think. Life is too short to watch dull, indulgent, unsympathetic, sad characters live their meaningless lives. Don't care.

This movie did nothing to make me care about these characters. Sorry. After reading the press notes, I think this is a case of the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome. All these people that wanted to work together start convincing themselves of the deep levels and importance of the dribble. They lose sight of the big picture and start believing each other.

I don't know who they want to market this to -- the indie crowd, perhaps. They'll certainly fawn over it since it's a Weinstein production and the executive producer is Ben Stiller. For me, as a movie, 2 stars and that's only because the actors are wonderful.

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