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Jurassic Park -- what a classic franchise, only this time it fully encompassed what a world of dinosaurs would look like. Every detail of this world was spot on from the title scene (taking the viewers back to the original opening) to the physical design of the world itself. The CGI in this film was impressive and having the 3D element added in made it as realistic as possible. The aerial scenes of the park were striking, which really helped place the audience into this world full of extraordinary creatures.

The beginning of the film opens with the introduction of the world, which brought out the "oooh's" and "ahhh's" from the audience. Later on comes the screaming, gasping-for-air anticipation which is exactly how an action/adventure movie should be. After about twenty minutes into the film, it was easy to predict how the story would turn out.


The all new terrifying hybrid dinosaur would escape, go on a killing rampage, all the while some Military executive (Vincent D'Onofrio) has his own evil agenda. Meanwhile two kids are on the loose trying to survive while Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is slowly starting to fall in love with Owen (Chris Pratt). The best part was how Claire ran through the jungle fighting for her life in high heels only to come out of it with perfectly curled hair. The cheese was to be expected and sometimes necessary in a movie like this, but at times was overdone and burnt to a crisp. A great example of this was the personification of the raptors and how they were not only able to communicate with the humans, but also face inner moral dilemmas and have epiphanies throughout the movie, so that they are actually more human-like than dinosaur. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to laugh or cry.

Another disappointing scene was the anti-climactic head-to-head battle between the hybrid dinosaur and the infamous T-Rex. It was all right, but it was what happened after the fight that really stole the show! Let's just say that the Tyrannosaurus Rex isn't the biggest baddest dino around anymore -- there might be a new sheriff in town. And of course, how can you not have the doctor who escapes all the chaos and flees with all the dinosaur embryos in hand which sets up another instalment in this crazy wonderful franchise.

It's hard to keep a franchise going when you're dealing with dinosaurs roaming the earth. The plot will eventually hit a wall, which is unmistakable when comparing Jurassic World to Jurassic Park 3. It was evident that this newest chapter tried to connect itself back to the first film of the series, something fans can definitely appreciate. That connection could have been much much stronger if Jeff Goldblum made a nice cameo -- just sayin'.

Overall, for a standard creature feature franchise movie it was entertaining. There were moments of wonder, frenzied nervous laughter, and manic anxiety when we were witnessing the adventures of the main characters dealing with the behemoth beasts of the past. For those reasons, the film was largely successful in delivering the type of movie you expect when entering this world.

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