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Man, oh man. This has not been a good year thus far for horror fans. Sure, Constantine was okay, but how many Cursed, Alone in the Dark, and now The Ring 2's will we have to sit through until this year's Saw redeems all us horror fanatics???

The Ring 2 is actually boring! I didn't realize this until a companion leaned over and told me how bored she was. After this point, I realized I had been waiting for some big revelation/confrontation/jumpy scene for about an hour. This scene never comes. Nothing happens.

The kid from the first Ring (Aidan) and his mother Rachel have moved to a small town to escape the wrath of the "Ring" videotape (and that which they unleashed by making others watch the dreaded video). However, the ghost has not been vanquished and is now attempting to possess Aidan in order for Rachel to be her mother, or something stupid like that. It's not important. What is important is that this movie is just not very good. For those horror fanatics like me that HAVE to see EVERY horror movie possible out of principle, I wonder if you will agree with me that the opening scene looks as though it is a final project for an amateur "Acting for the Camera" class.

I wish there was more to say, but there is not. The Ring 2 blows " maybe not as bad as Alone in the Dark or Cursed, but I may almost be tempted to sit through another Meg Ryan movie about time travel rather than follow this convoluted mess for another hour and 45 minutes.

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