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Despite all the over-blown gossip surrounding the question did they or didn't they, despite the conflicts Ms. Jolie had with the director on the set, the filmmakers and stars come out smelling like a rose.

Director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) moves into the world of the acceptably happy suburban couple who seem to be willing to work out their marital problems.

John (Brad Pitt) is an engineer who travels a lot and his wife Jane (Angelina Jolie) runs a hi-tech networking company and has many late nights. The Smiths are seeing a counselor (voiced by William Fichtner) to solve some of their mutual marital dilemmas.

Unbeknownst to each of the Smiths after six years of marriage, John and Jane are both highly paid assassins who are at their top of their games in espionage.

Their whole lives start to unravel when the agencies assign John and Jane to snuff out each other after they both botch a job involving twentysomething Benjamin (Adam Brody).

I have to admit I was quite surprised by Mr & Mrs Smith as a film. The script, direction, music, and star chemistry was out-of-this-world. I guess I too was a victim of the tabloid garbage about the stars.

Doug Liman's slick action design he used in The Bourne Identity is evident in a lot of action sequences, especially in the Jolie-Pitt hand-to-hand fight sequence. The way it was closely shot, disorientation, and perfect sound timing was so reminiscent of The Bourne Identity.

Probably the most surprising about the film is the film's script. The sarcastic humor, innuendoes, and one-liners were just so amazing. And to perfectly accent every word of dialogue, Liman had such interesting choices in music. Who ever thought Air Supply could be this interesting and entertaining?

There is just so much fun and goodness in this film that I hope people won't stay away because The National Enquirer decided to ruin somebody else's life.

I do have to admit that I was transfixed on how much raw chemistry there was on screen between Pitt and Jolie. Each actor was at their very finest and it showed in the proverbial tossing of the hair, goofing off, or in just a wink or walk. I couldn't imagine better actors playing these parts, especially when it was batted around that Nicole Kidman or Catherine Zeta-Jones might be Mrs. Smith. I am not sure it would have worked as well.

I have to hand it to the filmmakers; they executed this film with such charisma, action, and humor. What a pleasant surprise! (4 out of 5) So Says the Soothsayer.

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