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Those slimy, creepy things that go bump in the night are back.

Nathan Fillion (Serenity), Michael Rooker (Cliffhanger), and Elizabeth Banks (The 40-Year Old Virgin) star in the sci-fi horror comedy Slither about a meteorite that crashes in a small town and begins to infect its citizens.

The fun begins when Grant (Rooker) stumbles upon the meteorite and is attacked. Grant, possessed by a creature inside him, becomes obsessed with meat, and the aliens' evil plot is hatched. Before the smalltown of Wheelsy knows what's going on, its citizens are starting to become infected by slugs which turn their hosts into zombies.

Slither is a pretty simple little film which combines a whole variety of different kinds of horror films. What is so much fun about Slither is the zany dialogue and strong performances from Fillion and Banks.

The script is what makes Slither so much more fun than your average horror film out there. It kind of reminds me some of the classic Stuart Gordon film, The Re-Animator, except take that film, mix in elements of Aliens and the humor of The Army of Darkness and Return of the Living Dead, then you might get close to what is trying to be shown here. This is a great film for horror fans. (3.5 out of 5) So Says the Soothsayer.

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