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They say you never know someone until you travel with them. Well in this little unearthed gem, we learn the trials and tribulations of traveling with people we think we know and the people we meet along the journey.

Have you ever imagined watching one of those travel shows with Ian Wright and have him not look at the camera and squeal about a new far-off destination he has just discovered?

Well take Ian, trade him for Joshua Jackson, and follow him through three wild days during the infamous Pamplona Festival which opens with the world-renowned "running of the bulls" " and he never turns and mutters to the camera.

This little film runs like a magical travelogue that has a passion for Spain and all its many secrets. This is all captured when Chris McKinley (Jackson) meets a voracious Spanish beauty Adella (Leonor Varela), who awakens a passion buried inside him and makes him question returning to the "Ameri-con".

The film also has a subplot involving McKinley's two traveling companions who really, really get to know each other, and knowing everything isn't always a good thing.

The passion and chemistry between Jackson and Varela is a nice change to so many forced Hollywood-ized on-screen couplings. If for a second you don't get captured in these two or the film's atmosphere then it is surely to disappoint. That is probably its downside, but it's pure magic if you do.

I recommend this film for anyone traveling to Europe and specifically Spain because when you're there, embrace the cultures and get swept up in it, as it's something you are truly never going to forget. (3.5 out of 5) So Says the Soothsayer.

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