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Welcome to the 2006 version of It's a Wonderful Life.

Adam Sandler's character, an overworked architect, is trying to balance his career, his marriage, and his children. Sound familiar? In a scene many parents will be able to identify with, he can't figure out all the remotes in his house. So, off to the store to buy a universal remote. Enter Christoper Walken: he plays the mysterious "Morty", who sells our hero the remote with special powers. As usual, Walken owns every scene he's in.

As the movie trailers have been telling us, this is no ordinary remote. It can control everything. Sandler gets to fast-forward an argument with his wife, puts his boss on pause while he punches him, and zooms through love-making so he can get back to work. Trouble arrives when we start getting into the future. Trouble for Sandler and trouble for the movie, because it veers from comedy into a "stop and smell the roses" commentary.

Click is directed by Frank Coraci, who directed Sandler in The Wedding Singer and The Water Boy. Great supporting cast, including Kate Beckinsale, David Hasselhoff, and as mom and dad, Julie Kavner and Henry Winkler.

This is a decent movie but the chances you'll love it are remote.

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