Review: Snakes on a Plane

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The screening for this movie was at 9:30pm. Premieres are usually at 7 or 7:30pm. Why so late? So journalists can't write their reviews in time for Friday's newspaper. Don't know why the movie company was worried. This is not a bad film at all.

Buzz on Snakes has been huge, thanks to the internet and Samuel L. Jackson. For those who don't know what this movie is about: A very bad man decides to kill a witness by releasing hundreds of snakes in a jumbo-jet. The plane would have trouble making an emergency landing since it's flying from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Almost the entire flight would be over water. (Why the witness is not killed while on the ground is never really dealt with.) Samuel L. plays FBI agent Neville Flynn, who is escorting the witness.

No one curses like Sam. There was loud applause and cheers when he uttered the line: "Get these m----- f------ snakes off this m----- f------ plane!"

As in most "disaster" and/or "horror" movies, the cast is made up of the usual suspects: two young brothers, one of whom gets bitten; there's the rock star with huge attitude; and look over there, it's a young couple who lock themselves in the bathroom to get it on (they get bitten really, really bad).

This movie will of course not win any Oscars, nor is it supposed to. It just delivers the goods in a great, summertime, feel-good way. Please walk, run, and yes, even slither to the theatre for 95-minutes of fun.

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