Detecting the Marvelous - Tom Strong And The Robots of Doom with Sasha Wood

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We have a very special episode to wrap up the regular season for season 1 of Dettecting the Marvelous. We're joined by our new co-host Shaharah Gaznabbi plus special guest youtube creator of Casually Comics Sasha Wood and we get to talk about secret societies living at the centre of the earth, an underground society of robots and time traveling Nazis! You can't end the season better than with Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom!

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Dan Rosen, Layney La Rose, and Matt Ardill are diving deep into the world of comic books in Detecting the Marvelous. Every episode is an exploration of a different comic series as selected by one of the hosts or their special guests. They talk about the history, the characters, and the impact of the comic.

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