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Review: Pain & Gain

Posted by: Randy Hazzard  •  April 25, 2013 @ 9:03pm

Michael Bay is notorious for his superficial approach to filmmaking -- it is all about looks. Give him a World War II epic, a catastrophic event, or a terrorist plot for destruction and he just skims the surface of the human condition. Give him jacked up, directionless, simple-minded body builders, and he gives you characters you can't help but be invested in.

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The ultimate Experiment: Hirschbiegel shows brutality of humankind

Posted by: Jeremy Maron  •  November 1, 2002 @ 1:21am

As a blackjack dealer, I can honestly tell you that the majority of the time, gambling does not pay. For every person that leaves my table up, 10-15 will leave down, and the person that left up will most likely lose his/her winnings the next day.

That being said, occasionally a gamble does pay off big time, and changes your life forever.

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