Winnipeg Comedy Fest Interview: Veteran Canadian comic Andrew Grose

Posted by: Mark McLeod  //  April 7, 2011 @ 1:54am

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In nearly 20 years of doing stand-up comedy, Andrew Grose has pretty much done it all. He's had several half-hour specials on television, performed countless sets at Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival (including 3 that aired as part of the television show), been nominated for a Gemini Award, been part of the Just for Laughs Tour, performed for Canadian troops overseas, and made appearances at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and Halifax Comedy Festival. So where to go from there? Well, why not take a job at the #1 radio station in all of Alberta?

Grose joined the world of talk radio in 2010, co-hosting the drive home show on 630 CHED. With the new career came a new set of challenges, but bringing people his take on the news five days a week (granted, still in his entertaining way) hasn't stopped Grose from the world of stand-up comedy. Besides making weekend appearances at events and festivals (like the Winnipeg Comedy Festival Friday Late Night Gala, "Does This Joke Make Me Look Fat?"), as well as corporate gigs across the country, he's also helping to put together the inaugural Edmonton Comedy Festival this October.

I chatted with Grose last week about his upcoming appearance at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the evolution of stand-up comedy since he began his career, and of course the differences between his job on the stage and his new gig on AM radio. Take a listen below.

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