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At, we like to bring you interesting perspectives on movies, television, music, and comedy that you can't find anywhere else. At the same time, we try to cover as much in the way of new film and television as possible, while giving some insight into the music and comedy scenes. However, we're always looking to do more, and for that, we need more content providers. That's where you may come in!

Are you an amateur or professional writer looking for more experience and/or exposure? Are you interested in attending special screenings and festivals in New York or Los Angeles? Have you ever wanted a chance to sit down with the actors, directors, musicians, and comedians you admire? If you answered yes to some or all of those questions, would love to hear from you.

We get invites to press screenings and events in NYC and L.A. on a relatively consistent basis, as well as the opportunity to chat in person or over the phone with some interesting show business people, but unfortunately often have to turn these down because most of our staff are located in Winnipeg and Vancouver. To help solve this issue, we're actively seeking new writers join Diana Prano as U.S.-based correspondents for the If you think this might interest you, drop us a line at with any examples of your writing, a bit about yourself, and the kinds of things you'd be interested in covering.


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