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As everyone knows, this is the "third" summer: we're looking forwrd to Shrek the Third, the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the third Jason Bourne, and of course the third Rush Hour. All right, no one is looking forward to that, but Spider-Man 3 has now arrived, and while it's not the best movie of all time, it is the most ambitious movie in some time, and is just as good as the previous two Spidey outings.

This version faces the same problems as other sequels: we already know what Spider-Man looks like, we know what he can do, so you better dazzle us with special effects and a decent story. It does.

As for the story, Peter Parker and M.J. are still an item. He wants to pop the question at a fancy restaurant, but never gets around to it. Evil Dead hero Bruce Campbell gets to play a snotty maitre d' in a funny scene. James Franco is back as Harry Osborn, who still can't get over his father's death. Thomas Hayden Church is new bad guy Sandman and Topher Grace from That 70s Show portrays a newspaper photographer-turned baddie, Venom. Bryce Dallas Howard is also new, portraying Gwen Stacy.

There's no point going over a whole lot of plot. You're either a fan, or not. At 140 minutes, the movie doesn't seem long, and I have a suggestion for a 4th Spidey movie: you could have him fight Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to guarantee there will never be a 4th Rush Hour movie.

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