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Posted by: Paul Little  //  November 2, 2005 @ 12:00am

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In July of this year, I donated a relatively miniscule sum towards THE 1 SECOND FILM, which doubles both as a creative charitable cause and as a unique filmmaking experience. Due my personal love of film (I mean, I keep working on this here site, which means I really must love film and movies) and also my general support of major causes (whether they be in keeping a television show on the air with that Save Enterprise campaign or my work with Make Poverty History and The One Campaign in the fight against poverty and AIDS in Africa and locally), it generally seemed like a no-brainer. A film, with a good cause, was requesting a small amount of funding from a large group of people. But my $10.13 donation also allowed me to be featured as Producer for this ground-breaking project. Sure, the credits will be loaded with thousands and thousands of people just like me in various capacities (Associate Producer, Producer, Executive Producer) depending solely on the donation to the cost of production. And my role as Producer of THE 1 SECOND FILM may not seem the same as Steve Martin's role as Producer in his new film Shopgirl, but technically, my $10.13 did just that!

Several well-known stars absolutely trumped my total, with Tom Green and Andy Dyck doing battle for top spot in the Executive Producer category (Green recently fell behind Dyck's latest $211.11 total contribution). Musician Ben Harper, actor Tom Arnold, and director Brett Ratner are all also Executive Producers. Producers above my personal level include actors Mark Ruffalo, Seth Green, Selma Blair, Bill Pullman, and James Cromwell, director Spike Jonze, and hilarious fake news man Stephen Colbert.

Then there are "Big Holloood Players" who can't quite give enough to this film and its cause as some website designer/movie-man in Winnipeg, Canada! The legendary Kevin Bacon (who, naturally, I am now ONE degree away from), his Where the Truth Lies director Atom Egoyan, ex-Bond Pierce Brosnan, and screenwriter Charlie Kaufmann all come just shy of my donation. Way down below me, as Associate Producers, are actors Adam Goldberg, Christina Ricci, and Jason Ritter, Kids in the Hall and SNL alumnus Mark McKinney, and of course "Sadley I'm Bradley" himself, Don McKellar (who's done so much great work since then, both in front of and behind the camera, yet his comedically hopeless character in waydowntown will always be remembered fondly by myself and so many others). Even further down the list, we see actors Fred Armisen, Steve Buscemi, Alan Cumming, John Leguizamo, and Pauly Shore contributing their $1.00 a piece to the film and the cause.

The idea behind this entire project is brilliant. They want do a good and honourable thing first and foremost, and all the money made from this ground-breaking project once it's released to theatres will be given to The Global Fund for Women. The money you're "donating" now as a producer of the film goes towards the actual production costs of the film, which itself will be a 1-second collection of 12 individual works of art (each painted by hundreds, and each given 2 full frames of the film, to equal the 24 frames in the 1 second of the film). The fact that a film is being made (one which people will see) that is literally a single second long is ground-breaking in and of itself, completely outside of the cause.

Now, why would a normal (or in my case, perhaps even abnormal) individual decide to donate to the cause? What if The Global Fund for Women isn't something you're familiar enough with to financially support? What if you just don't want to support it all? Herein lies the genius of the project -- you don't have to do it because you want to be a giver; you can just as easily give to the project for completely selfish reasons. Your name, along with the thousands (and possibly more as this continues on) of others, will be listed with their proper positions (Executive Producer, Producer, and Associate Producer) in the credits of the film -- which, due to their extreme length, will be run beside a feature-length making-of documentary on the entire THE 1 SECOND FILM event! And they're ordered completely based on how much money you give. Someone who wants to be listed at the top of the Associate Producer credits will donate $10.00, whereas someone who'd rather be at the very bottom of the slightly better Producer Credits would donate $10.01. Some friends or relatives are donating odd amounts (such as $17.54) so that they can be listed together in the credits. Others just think it's fun to donate more than their favourite celebrity -- or hell, just be in the same movie credits as their favourite celebrity (I'll admit, "producing" a movie with Kevin Bacon was a huge deciding factor, despite my personal support for the cause behind the film).

You can find a lot more information on THE 1 SECOND OF FILM, the people behind the project, and all the celebrities who are producers on this film by visiting www.the1secondfilm.com. You'll also be able to see the funny videos of both Tom Green and Andy Dick, plus you might even recognize a familiar name in the "Producers of the Moment" archives!

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