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Comic Graham Kay brings his one-man show to JFL Toronto (09.28.23)

Interview: 2023 Juno-winning stand-up comic Jon Dore (03.12.23)

JFL Toronto Review: Joel Kim Booster (09.29.22)

JFL Toronto Interview: Stand-up comic Vir Das (09.26.22)

Punch Up Your Life - The Height of Depression (Ryan Sheedy) (07.21.22)

Punch Up Your Life - Blacked Out (Chris Middleton) (07.05.22)

Punch Up Your Life - DisFUNction (Hools Kay) (06.21.22)

Punch Up Your Life - The Assorted Spectres of Saint John's Road (Isabel Zaw-Tun) (06.07.22)

Punch Up Your Life - Begging for Scraps (Chris Sandiford) (05.31.22)

Punch Up Your Life - Freedom Diver (Matt Nightingale) (05.10.22)

Punch Up Your Life - A Sensei Consensus (Adam McNamara) (04.26.22)

Punch Up Your Life - Head Over Heels (Tim Gray) (04.13.22)

Punch Up Your Life - Cottage Country (Brie Watson) (03.29.22)

Punch Up Your Life - Logan Come Home (Logan Stefanson) (03.16.22)

Punch Up Your Life - Jazz Hands of Justice (Jessica Buchanan) (03.01.22)

Punch Up Your Life - Friend at the End (Jessica Seburn) (02.16.22)

Punch Up Your Life - This is Not That (J.D. Renaud) (02.02.22)

Punch Up Your Life - A Heart Walk (Ava Julien) (01.18.22)

Punch Up Your Life - My So Called Wiccan Summer (Rachel Manson) (01.18.22)

Punch Up Your Life – Introduction (01.12.22)

Interview: Sketch comedy troupe TallBoyz chats ahead of their Season 2 premiere on CBC (02.15.21)

Review: Weed & Wine (10.20.20)

Review: Feast of the Seven Fishes (10.18.20)

Interview: Stand-up comic and actor Andy Kindler on his new album, the 25th anniversary of his JFL addresses, and mental health (10.17.20)

JFL Interview: Late Night and Amber Ruffin Show writer/performer Jenny Hagel (10.08.20)

JFL Interview: Stand-up comic DeAnne Smith (10.07.20)

JFL42 Interview: Juno-winning stand-up Dave Merheje of Hulu's Ramy (10.09.19)

JFL42 Interview: Comic, actor, children's author, and podcaster Seán Cullen (09.26.19)

JFL42 Reviews: Gettin' Better with Ron Funches and Seán Cullen (09.24.19)

JFL42 Reviews: Between Two Ferns, Broad City, and Nick Kroll (09.21.19)

JFL42 Interview: Comic, improviser, podcaster, and host Chris Gethard (09.25.18)

JFL42 Interview: Stand-up comic, improviser, and podcaster Greg Proops (09.20.18)

JFL42 Interview: Stand-up comic and actress Maria Bamford (09.18.18)

Interview: Comic Courtney Gilmour talks about her JFL Homegrown win, (01.21.18)

Interview: Rhys Darby on his unique brand of stand-up, The Rock's Presidential ambitions, cryptozoology, and almost dying on Mt. Kilimanjaro (11.11.17)

Live from L.A.: Everything is a lie! (02.21.15)

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