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Ben Kingsley may not be God, but he is Ghandi. He won an Oscar for Ghandi, but that was more than twenty years ago, a time when we thought Duran-Duran was the future of music and the only "reality-show" on television was the news. Kingsley is still a great thespian, but in Suspect Zero the material lets him down.

The movie starts out in gritty se7en fashion, with scratchy credits and rain. The plot: Kingsley seems to be a deranged serial killer, but he's actually just a deranged man out to kill the real serial killler.

Aaron Eckhart is Tom, the FBI agent on the trail of the killer. Carrie-Anne Moss is Fran, another FBI agent brought in to help, and for whatever reason she's the ex-girlfriend of Tom, though that angle of the story is not really dealt with.

Suspect Zero is directed by E. Elias Merhige, whose credits include 2000's Shadow of the Vampire with Willem Dafoe.

This is not a terrible film, it's just not a great one and will likely generate zero interest.

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