Review: Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

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The last time we saw Gracie Hart 5 years ago in Miss Congeniality, she was involved with Benjamin Bratt's character Eric Matthews. There is no Eric Matthews in the sequel " Bratt must have seen the script and passed.

Directed by John Pasquin (The Santa Clause), Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous is one bad movie. It's not even bad in a funny way, it's just bad and unfunny and inept. Sandra Bullock hasn't made many movies in the past 3 years " she couldn't have been holding out for this.

The plot is so preposterous, there's no point going into it here, except to say Gracie becomes "the new face of the FBI". Although Candice Bergen is not in the sequel, William Shatner returns, for no apparent reason. Regina King is FBI agent Sam Fuller. She's tough and mean and doesn't like Gracie, but guess what, at the end of the movie, the two become friends.

Sandra Bullock is a highly-paid actress and while this disaster is not her fault, she better start making better choices, or she won't be highly-paid anymore.

We never asked for a sequel to Miss Congeniality, so please Warner Bros., do not make us sit through a third one.

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