2006 Movie Releases

By Title  •  By Release Date

BloodRayne January 6 (Limited)

Grandma's Boy January 6 (Wide)

Hostel January 6 (Wide)

April's Shower January 13 (Limited)

Glory Road January 13 (Wide)

Hoodwinked January 13 (Wide)

Last Holiday January 13 (Wide)

Tristan & Isolde January 13 (Wide)

Karla January 20 (Limited)

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World January 20 (Limited)

Underworld: Evolution January 20 (Wide)

Annapolis January 27 (Wide)

Big Momma's House 2 January 27 (Wide)

Imagine Me & You January 27 (Limited)

IMAX: Roving Mars January 27 (Limited)

Nanny McPhee January 27 (Wide)

Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story January 27 (Limited)

A Good Woman February 3 (Limited)

A Simple Curve February 3 (Limited)

Something New February 3 (Wide)

Tamara February 3 (Limited)

When a Stranger Calls February 3 (Wide)

Curious George February 10 (Wide)

Final Destination 3 February 10 (Wide)

Firewall February 10 (Wide)

Neil Young: Heart of Gold February 10 (Limited)

The Pink Panther February 10 (Wide)

Date Movie February 17 (Wide)

Eight Below February 17 (Wide)

Freedomland February 17 (Wide)

The Second Chance February 17 (Limited)

Doogal February 24 (Limited)

Madea's Family Reunion February 24 (Wide)

Running Scared February 24 (Wide)

Spymate February 24 (Limited)

Tsotsi February 24 (Limited)

Unknown White Male February 24 (Limited)

NSI FilmExchange Canadian Film Festival March 1 (Winnipeg, MB)

16 Blocks March 3 (Wide)

Aquamarine March 3 (Wide)

Dave Chappelle's Block Party March 3 (Wide)

Game 6 March 3 (Limited)

IMAX: Deep Sea 3D March 3 (Limited)

Joyeux Noël March 3 (Limited)

Ultraviolet March 3 (Wide)

Ask the Dust March 10 (Limited)

Beowulf & Grendel March 10 (Limited)

Duck Season March 10 (Limited)

Failure to Launch March 10 (Wide)

Freeze Frame 2006 March 10 (Winnipeg)

The Hills Have Eyes March 10 (Wide)

The Shaggy Dog March 10 (Wide)

Don't Come Knocking March 17 (Limited)

Find Me Guilty March 17 (Limited)

Lucid March 17 (Limited)

She's the Man March 17 (Wide)

Thank You for Smoking March 17 (Limited)

V for Vendetta March 17 (Wide)

Inside Man March 24 (Wide)

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector March 24 (Wide)

Niagara Motel March 24 (Limited)

Stay Alive March 24 (Wide)

ATL March 31 (Wide)

Basic Instinct 2 March 31 (Wide)

Brick March 31 (Limited)

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown March 31 (Wide)

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey March 31 (Limited)

Slither March 31 (Wide)

WWE: Wrestlemania April 2 (Limited)

The Benchwarmers April 7 (Wide)

Friends with Money April 7 (Limited)

Lucky Number Slevin April 7 (Wide)

On a Clear Day April 7 (Limited)

Phat Girlz April 7 (Wide)

Take the Lead April 7 (Wide)

Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story April 13 (Limited)

Hard Candy April 14 (Limited)

Kinky Boots April 14 (Limited)

The Notorious Bettie Page April 14 (Limited)

Scary Movie 4 April 14 (Wide)

The Wild April 14 (Wide)

American Dreamz April 21 (Wide)

The Rocket April 21 (Limited)

The Sentinel April 21 (Wide)

Silent Hill April 21 (Wide)

Akeelah and the Bee April 28 (Wide)

RV April 28 (Wide)

Stick It April 28 (Wide)

United 93 April 28 (Wide)

An American Haunting May 5 (Wide)

Art School Confidential May 5 (Limited)

Hoot May 5 (Wide)

Mission: Impossible III May 5 (Wide)

Mistress of Spices May 5 (Limited)

The Promise (2006) May 5 (Limited)

Goal! The Dream Begins May 12 (Wide)

IMAX: Poseidon May 12 (Wide)

Just My Luck May 12 (Wide)

Keeping Up with the Steins May 12 (Limited)

Poseidon May 12 (Wide)

The Da Vinci Code May 19 (Wide)

Over the Hedge May 19 (Wide)

See No Evil May 19 (Wide)

An Inconvenient Truth May 24 (Limited)

X-Men: The Last Stand May 26 (Wide)

The Break-Up June 2 (Wide)

District B13 June 2 (Limited)

Peaceful Warrior June 2 (Limited)

The Omen June 6 (Wide)

Cars June 9 (Wide)

A Prairie Home Companion June 9 (Limited)

ECW: One Night Stand June 11 (Event)

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift June 16 (Wide)

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties June 16 (Wide)

The Lake House June 16 (Wide)

Nacho Libre June 16 (Wide)

Wordplay June 16 (Limited)

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man June 21 (Limited)

Click June 23 (Wide)

The Great New Wonderful June 23 (Limited)

The Road to Guantanamo June 23 (Limited)

Waist Deep June 23 (Limited)

IMAX: Superman Returns June 28 (Wide)

Superman Returns June 28 (Wide)

The Devil Wears Prada June 30 (Wide)

Bon Cop, Bad Cop July 4 (Limited)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest July 7 (Wide)

A Scanner Darkly July 7 (Limited)

Little Man July 14 (Wide)

You, Me and Dupree July 14 (Wide)

Clerks II July 21 (Wide)

Lady in the Water July 21 (Wide)

Monster House July 21 (Wide)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend July 21 (Wide)

Shadowboxer July 21 (Limited)

Little Miss Sunshine July 26 (Limited)

The Ant Bully July 28 (Wide)

IMAX: The Ant Bully July 28 (Wide)

John Tucker Must Die July 28 (Wide)

Miami Vice July 28 (Wide)

Barnyard August 4 (Wide)

The Descent August 4 (Wide)

The Night Listener August 4 (Wide)

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby August 4 (Wide)

World Trade Center August 9 (Wide)

Conversations with Other Women August 11 (Limited)

Half Nelson August 11 (Limited)

Pulse August 11 (Wide)

Step Up August 11 (Wide)

Zoom (2006) August 11 (Wide)

Accepted August 18 (Wide)

Factotum August 18 (Limited)

The Illusionist August 18 (Wide)

Snakes on a Plane August 18 (Wide)

Trust the Man August 18 (Limited)

Beerfest August 25 (Wide)

How to Eat Fried Worms August 25 (Wide)

Idlewild August 25 (Wide)

Invincible August 25 (Wide)

The Quiet August 25 (Limited)

Crank September 1 (Wide)

Crossover September 1 (Wide)

The Wicker Man September 1 (Wide)

Broken Bridges September 8 (Limited)

The Covenant September 8 (Wide)

Hollywoodland September 8 (Wide)

The Protector September 8 (Wide)

The Black Dahlia September 15 (Wide)

Confetti September 15 (Limited)

Everyone's Hero September 15 (Wide)

Gridiron Gang September 15 (Wide)

Haven September 15 (Limited)

Keeping Mum September 15 (Limited)

The Last Kiss September 15 (Wide)

All the King's Men September 22 (Wide)

Bandidas September 22 (Limited)

Fearless September 22 (Wide)

Flyboys September 22 (Wide)

jackass number two September 22 (Wide)

The Science of Sleep September 22 (Limited)

The Guardian September 29 (Wide)

The Journals of Knud Rasmussen September 29 (Limited)

Open Season September 29 (Wide)

School for Scoundrels September 29 (Wide)

The Queen September 30 (Limited)

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause October 3 (Wide)

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker October 6 (Wide)

The Departed October 6 (Wide)

Employee of the Month October 6 (Wide)

Little Children October 6 (Limited)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning October 6 (Wide)

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie October 6 (Wide)

The Grudge 2 October 13 (Wide)

Infamous (2006) October 13 (Limited)

Man of the Year October 13 (Wide)

The Marine October 13 (Wide)

Don October 20 (Limited)

Flags of Our Fathers October 20 (Wide)

Flicka October 20 (Wide)

Marie Antoinette October 20 (Wide)

The Prestige October 20 (Wide)

Running with Scissors October 20 (Limited)

Babel October 27 (Limited)

Catch a Fire October 27 (Wide)

Death of a President October 27 (Limited)

Saw III October 27 (Wide)

Shut Up & Sing October 27 (Limited)

Borat November 3 (Wide)

Flushed Away November 3 (Wide)

A Good Year November 10 (Wide)

Harsh Times November 10 (Wide)

The Return November 10 (Wide)

Stranger Than Fiction November 10 (Wide)

Bobby November 17 (Limited)

Casino Royale November 17 (Wide)

Fast Food Nation November 17 (Limited)

For Your Consideration November 17 (Limited)

Happy Feet November 17 (Wide)

Let's Go to Prison November 17 (Wide)

Déjà Vu November 22 (Wide)

Deck the Halls November 22 (Wide)

The Fountain November 22 (Wide)

Opal Dream November 22 (Limited)

Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny November 22 (Wide)

The Nativity Story December 1 (Wide)

Turistas December 1 (Wide)

Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj December 1 (Wide)

Apocalypto December 8 (Wide)

Blood Diamond December 8 (Wide)

Breaking and Entering December 8 (Limited)

The Holiday December 8 (Wide)

Manufactured Landscapes December 8 (Limited)

Unaccompanied Minors December 8 (Wide)

Unnatural & Accidental December 8 (Limited)

Arthur and the Invisibles December 15 (Limited)

Charlotte's Web December 15 (Wide)

Dreamgirls December 15 (Limited)

Eragon December 15 (Wide)

The Good German December 15 (Limited)

The Pursuit of Happyness December 15 (Wide)

The Painted Veil December 20 (Limited)

Rocky Balboa December 20 (Wide)

Venus December 20 (Limited)

Curse of the Golden Flower December 21 (Limited)

The Good Shepherd December 22 (Wide)

Night at the Museum December 22 (Wide)

We Are Marshall December 22 (Wide)

Black Christmas (2006) December 25 (Wide)

Children of Men December 25 (Limited)

Notes on a Scandal December 27 (Limited)

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer December 27 (Limited)

Factory Girl December 29 (Limited)

Miss Potter December 29 (Limited)

Pan's Labyrinth December 29 (Limited)

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