The Supporting Act Podcast Ep. #028 with The Noble Thiefs

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The Noble Thiefs are a stylish soul-rock outfit based out of Winnipeg, MB. Though their music backgrounds range from ska to metal, the foursome have come together to create the perfect storm of passion.

The group are working on their second full-length LP while touring to support their latest seven-inch, Got It Made/When You're In Love.

Before The Noble Thiefs hit the road with The Slackers in the fall, they are performing a free show at the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival at Old Market Square in Winnipeg on Sunday, June 15.

Vocalist Myron Dean and drummer Joel Armstrong joined me in the kitchen for a real good time. We talked Swedish songwriters, crazed fans, and marketable nostalgia.

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The Supporting Act is a podcast dedicated to shining a light on performers shy of the mainstream.

On a mostly-weekly basis, host Matt Moskal sits down with stand-up comics, musicians or artists that aren't quite household names. Guests range from seasoned veterans to green beginners.

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