Interview: Stand-up comic, writer, and @midnight social media guru Dan Telfer

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Whether you've heard his stand-up, read his articles for The Onion and The A.V. Club, or watched @midnight, chances are you've know comedian Dan Telfer's work.

Telfer began his comedy career in 1996, performing and writing in Chicago, IL. He gained viral notoriety in 2010 when his bit "The Best Dinosaur" was posted online from the Chicago Underground Comedy Club. Since then, he has been managing editor at The A.V. Club, managing editor of Onion Labs (a division of The Onion), released three albums to critical success, been a guest on @midnight, and is the current Social Media Producer of the show. He has also recently moved his comedy out of Chicago and into L.A.!

In 2016, Dan Telfer battled cancer for a second time and started undergoing chemotherapy. His brother launched a campaign to crowdfund in support of him and his family, and the internet came together to raise almost $40,000 in support of Telfer. Since then he has made great progress and shows no signs of slowing down, continuing to tour, podcast, stay active on Twitter (@dantelfer), and work with @midnight.

We sat down with him in between sets at the Oddblock Comedy Festival in Winnipeg, MB to discuss how cancer has effected his stand-up, how he tours while being a father at the same time, how pop culture effects his brand of comedy, and much more

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When gets a chance to interview someone cool, then it falls to our long-running (and always insecure) Kinda Sorta Maybe Like a Podcast. With no discernible format besides a good conversation, we do get to check in with some really awesome folks, including some of the industry's top comedians, musicians, actors, and filmmakers.

Usually hosted by either Managing Editor Paul Little or stand-up comic Andrew Lizotte, other contributors to Kinda Sorta Maybe have included Matthew Ardill, J.D. Renaud, and Mark McLeod.

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