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Order Up! is a podcast where four friends who love to talk food are joined each episode by a guest to debate some questions. Season 1's overarching question: Is a Hamburger a Sandwich?

In the first episode, Cari, Mary, and Kelly sit with John Catucci, comedian and the host of the Food Network Canada shows Big Food Bucket List and You Gotta Eat Here!.

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Order Up! is a podcast hosted, produced, and created by Matthew Ardill, Cari Haim, Mary Kennedy, and Kelly Zemnickis – four friends who love to talk food. But as much as they love food, they do have some questions.

Each episode of the podcast will include special guests and fun questions like, "What's a dish that brings you back to childhood?" but also feature one main question per season. For the first six episodes, they will try to figure out "Is a Hamburger a Sandwich?" with future seasons investigating: "Is Cereal Soup?", "Are Hotdogs Sandwiches?", and "What's Better: Pancakes or Waffles?"

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