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The Office: Moroccan Christmas

Posted by: Ariana  •  December 12, 2008 @ 2:20am

In the opener, Dwight walks in to a gift-wrapped desk, computer, and office supplies, courtesy of... you guess who. Jim brags that it took him about five minutes to do, because he's got a black belt in gift-wrapping.

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The Office: The Surplus

Posted by: Ariana  •  December 5, 2008 @ 2:27am

The Scranton office has a $4,300 surplus that needs to be spent by the end of today or else it will be deducted from next year's budget. Michael asks Oscar to explain it to him like he's five years old.

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The Office: Customer Service

Posted by: Ariana  •  November 7, 2008 @ 1:54am

In the opening, we learn that Michael has convinced his staff that he and Holly are engaged. Well, some are more convinced than others. I'll let you guess who is which. One person who knows for damn sure they're not engaged is Darryl.

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The Office: Crime Aid

Posted by: Ariana  •  October 24, 2008 @ 2:46am

Michael's busy setting up a third date with Holly, and we all know what a third date means to Michael Scott: sex. He says he'll know that Holly feels the same if she starts having sex with him during their date. Well.

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The Office: Baby Shower

Posted by: Ariana  •  October 16, 2008 @ 11:58pm

The folks at Dunder Mifflin are putting on a baby shower for Jan, on Michael's orders of course. Michael's still counting this baby as his own somehow, and has even suggested the name Chevy for if it's a boy. Jan has picked Astrid if it's a girl, which it obviously is going to be.

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The Office: Business Ethics

Posted by: Ariana  •  October 10, 2008 @ 2:27am

We open with Jim, on the phone with Pam. She's upset that no one from Dunder Mifflin has congratulated her on their engagement. Well, Pam, Jim didn't exactly tell them yet, see. He puts her on speaker and announces it to the office. They're confused; Oscar says he thought they were already engaged.

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