Folk Fest Interview: Rosalyn and Vanessa of Winnipeg country-roots band Oh My Darling

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Unfortunately, as we alluded to yesterday, there won't be any big posts for the next couple days from the Winnipeg Folk Festival, as the exhaustion (and let's face it, fun) of camping is taking up a lot of our time over the weekend. However, that doesn't mean there won't be a bunch of content! Besides our frequent tweeting (@showbizmonkeys), we've got lots of interviews to come, and our first one is up right here right now.

Country-roots band Oh My Darling, a quartet of delightful ladies from right here in Winnipeg, played the main stage last night and are playing many more times over the weekend. We got the opportunity to sit down with two of the band members -- Rosalyn and Vanessa -- on Friday afternoon to talk about their beginning as a band, the various genres and influences they bring into their songwriting, all the touring they've been doing since their debut release (2010's In the Lonesome Hours), and what their experience is playing their hometown folk festival.

Be sure to check out their website,, for fall tour dates and info on purchasing their album (which you definitely will not be disappointed with if you take the plunge).

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