The Supporting Act Podcast Ep. #027 with Colt Cabana

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Colt Cabana is a professional wrestler and host of the quintessential wrestling podcast, The Art of Wrestling.

The Illinois native has competed all over the world as an independent talent with pretty much any promotion you can name. His unique style of comedic combat channels some of the most eccentric competitors to have graced the squared circle.

Despite a uneventful run with World Wrestling Entertainment, Colt has carved his initials into the proud roots of the independent circuit. In 2010, he created a unique and insightful way to look into the world of professional wrestling through his now infamous podcast. He has hosted interviews with legends and rookies alike.

The mainstream spotlight may not have focused on him for long, but Colt Cabana is still a shining Star of David among those who truly appreciate the art of wrestling.

Cabana was visiting Winnipeg for a show with Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Before he took off for a lengthy afternoon of preparation, we chatted in his hotel room. Topics include life on the indies, creative freedom, and pizza addiction.

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The Supporting Act is a podcast dedicated to shining a light on performers shy of the mainstream.

On a mostly-weekly basis, host Matt Moskal sits down with stand-up comics, musicians or artists that aren't quite household names. Guests range from seasoned veterans to green beginners.

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