The Supporting Act Podcast Ep. #041 with Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner of Red Moon Road

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Red Moon Road are on the fast track to becoming Canada's favourite campfire band. Their sound is rooted in tradition but capitalizes on the genre's ability to transcend time. The folk trio spent their summer plucking, strumming, and singing for festival-goers across the country. With another full-length album on the horizon, the triad are taking the plunge into a grassroots fundraising campaign.

Multi-instrumentalist Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner of Red Moon Road joined me in the Llama House to talk travel, playing progressive metal, and how David Suzuki changed his life.

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On a mostly-weekly basis, host Matt Moskal sits down with stand-up comics, musicians or artists that aren't quite household names. Guests range from seasoned veterans to green beginners.

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