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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is based around a love story, a true love story about compassion, companionship and loyalty. There is no room for regrets. Things happen and you deal with them as they come. Opportunities arise, and you need to take hold of those opportunities and do with it the best that you can.

A somewhat narrated film, the story includes the viewer as it unfolds more and more of the main characters' experiences, keeping them on their toes wondering what is yet to come. There is no dramatic anxiety that holds the viewer uncomfortably sitting at the edge of their seat, muscles tensed or wanting the story to get a move on so as to get to the point. It is a thorough film that keeps the viewers senses locked in all the while knowing that the film is lengthy, only getting better and better as they familiarize themselves with the characters.

With the help of the cinematography and score, the already absurd theme of the film produces a mystical feel, yet the characters remain so real with their choices and the manner in which they deal with certain situations, that the viewer cannot help but go through the motions alongside them and feel what they emote.

The film is adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1920s story, where Brad Pitt plays Benjamin Button, a man born in his eighties, who progressively grows younger as time passes. Set in New Orleans at the end of World War I, the film follows his unusual journey and discoveries and the affect they have not only in his life but also in those around him.

The concept of portraying all the actors accurately as they age is quite a challenge, yet was tackled magnificently by such an amazing cast and crew. With the use of CGI, main actors' faces were manipulated onto other actors' bodies. The effects look incredible and the accuracy of age and time were remarkable.

The film conveys a great message on what is important. Heavy issues surrounding the story such as religion, race, social class, sex, age and gender roles could have easily overshadowed the main premise of the film, yet were introduced in a subtle manner. They are consistent issues that always exist. They do not need to be dwelled upon. It is what you do with the love that you are given that matters.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a beautifully tragic and uplifting masterpiece.

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moviefreak says...

I really like movies with unique story lines. I love this movie.

Oct 8, 2009 11:16am

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