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It's official: February 29 (aka Leap Day) has been claimed Geek Day. Though some are brave enough to consider everyday Geek Day for themselves, today Marvel released yet another trailer for this summer's upcoming mega-blockbuster, The Avengers, and the kid in me went nuts.

Geeking out, nerdgasm, geektastic, geekextravaganza, and EPIC are just some of the emotions or feelings you should experience after watching this trailer if you were even a causal comic book reader growing up. As for those who weren't, you'll probably still get goose bumps in places you never though you could after this new trailer.

Ok, the short version, for those who may have been living underneath a rock for the past 5 years: The Avengers is a coronation of four huge Marvel film franchises into a single feature. It started with 2008's hit Iron Man, then The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, THOR, and lastly, Captain American: The First Avenger this past summer. Having multiple big names in a single film is no new concept, but having multiple franchises equally coexist in a single film is unprecedented -- as well as every comic book fan's dream. The sheer scale this picture has to live up to is mind blowing. Just stop reading and watch:

Enough of my nerd-ish blabbing. Here are the highlights I noticed from this latest trailer:

  • Earth (aka the city of Cleveland) being attacked on an Armageddon-sized scale
  • Stark Tower lit up at night, complete with Iron Man landing pad and wet bar for Mr. Stark
  • Iron Man getting the better of Thor, slamming him around in some forest (very gnarly stuff)
  • Cobie Smulders' first appearance as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill (no speaking parts unfortunately)
  • Loki having a face-to-face with Stark again, then with Nick Fury
  • The people of Earth kneeling before someone (most likely Loki) in masses
  • The Hulk coming to Iron Man's rescue

The trailer as a whole shows two important things. One, that having most of Earth's mightiest heroes under one team doesn't go smoothly at first. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America all look to be having a hard time adjusting to a team dynamic. Secondly, it doesn't look like it will simply be Loki and the frost giants invading Earth. From the looks of the last shot of the trailer, there will be some kind of mechanic alien joining Loki on his destruction of Earth.

Personally, I've tried to keep my geekish curiosity at bay and not read any of the spoilers for this film. This second full trailer gives viewers those little extra moments of these fan favourite characters without giving too much away, thankfully. A little more Hulk smashing may be what most were waiting for and much more to enjoy.

To all you causal or hard-core fans, a Happy Leap/Geek Day to you.

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