Special effects make-up takes over Vancouver at NorthWest Fan Fest

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Have you ever wished you could be your favorite superhero or movie character at Halloween? Do you have dreams where you wished you were Hellboy or The Hulk or an undead zombie? I mean, really be those characters, not just wear a lame store-bought costume? What if I told you that there's a school in Vancouver that can not only transform you into whatever your imagination might dream up, but that they can also give you the skills to do it professionally?

From elves to warlocks and everything in between, New Image College of Fine Arts is that school. Based in downtown Vancouver, just a stone's throw from the movie making machine, you won't have to travel to Middle Earth to learn these skills. All of this and much more will be on be on display this weekend at the NorthWest Fan Fest over at the University of British Columbia.

Also, be sure to stay tuned to ShowbizMonkeys.com for an in-depth look at the New Image College of Fine Arts and all they have to offer. (Trust me, this is just scraping the surface. However, for now, be sure to check out New Image at Booth S16 for some killer special effects make up demonstrations all weekend long.

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