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After seeing the trailer for Ted 2, I was really looking forward to watching the sequel to one of the funniest and successful comedies of recent times. It fell nothing short of what I had expected; crude humour, bad acting, and satire. Was I expecting amazing film work with jaw dropping angles and visuals? Not a chance. What I was expecting was a funny movie with stupid and insulting humour which was exactly what I got.

There were times in the movie where I felt like the scenes were specially made for people in the audience who were high, but those moments definitely were not misunderstood by the sober folk. There were jokes that were brought back from the first film like "thunder buddies", and then there were jokes that were original for Ted 2 but re-hashed so much during the movie that they got old really fast. What were missing were the unpredictable jokes that the first film had. The jokes from the first film had the ability to completely catch you off guard, whereas the jokes in Ted 2 were predictable, which was a bit of a letdown. But that's what happens in a sequel, right?

Ted and Tami-Lynn get married and decide to adopt a child, which they think will save their marriage. This leads to the inevitable sperm-donor scene where Tom Brady is the unattainable sperm Ted wants. The process leads to a series of red flags resulting in Ted losing his job, his marriage declared not real, into a courtroom where he's trying to prove himself to be a human being and not a piece of property.

The opening scene with the credits was extremely long. There was no need for all the credits to be displayed while New York Broadway dancers were synchronized dancing in the background. The unnecessary use of "filler" shots was common throughout the film. They would have been better off trimming the fat which would have made the film more enjoyable as it dragged on. Near the end of the film, the film took a serious turn. It was uncomfortable and believable just for a second, but of course being Ted 2 and Hollywood, a happy ending is expected. The scenes during New York Comic Con were pretty awesome, with the amazing costumes and frantic atmosphere; you were made to feel like you were actually present. Adding to the Seth MacFarlane world, there was a very Family Guy-inspired beat down of nerds in the Comic Con scene.

Of course, none of the acting in the movie is going to blow you away and you can expect some pungent cheese at times, but there is no denying the pure genius of Seth MacFarlane's voice over for Ted. With Liam Neeson suspiciously trying to buy the box of Trix and Morgan Freeman playing the best lawyer the world has ever seen, the fun cameos added to the crazy humour. Samantha (Amanda Seyfried) was a great addition to the film. The love story between John (Mark Wahlberg) and Samantha was predictable but was a cute Hollywood moment that the audience loved. The flamboyantly gay and very odd couple played by Patrick Warburton and Michael Dorn was absolutely hilarious as well.

Overall, it was a riot of laughs with its crude comedy and relentless jokes. Not as original or as funny as the first, but it always found a way to pull a giggle from the audience at every given moment.

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