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Curving bullets you say...?

The first time I saw a preview for this movie, I was aghast at how ridiculous the idea of curving a bullet was. I mean come on.... The rest of the trailer showed a Dodge Viper fish-tailing in a parking lot at just the right speed that it scooped someone up and into the passenger seat oh-so-perfectly, and a few other tidbits of lesser note.

Regardless, I figured this movie would just plain suck.

Luckily before I actually sat down to watch the movie, I decided to think about it in a different manner. If I can suspend my disbelief for one of the best shows on TV (Lost), then why can't I just watch this movie, and take it for what it's worth?

I did so, and I actually had fun watching this movie... but trust me, it was TOUGH trying not to laugh at all the 'ridiculousness' that happened at every turn.


Wanted is a movie about a fraternity of assassins, so aptly named "The Fraternity". Their job is to find the most inane, complex way to kill someone possible, but do it in the coolest, slickest way.

With this superbly well run Fraternity, one would think that there'd be a big boss deciding who is to be assassinated or not. Turns out that'd be too easy. So they decide to go a different route all together. The one who decides the fate of the future victims... is Fate... what?

"Fate, as it seems... is not without a sense of irony." (The Matrix – now THAT was a good movie)

I will choose not to go into how this all works out, in the hopes that people will go see this movie... Angelina Jolie's naked in it... does that help?


The music in this film is great and helps keep the pace VERY quick. Special effects are 'summer blockbuster' caliber. Angelina Jolie is so very hot as usual.

Wanted is a fun movie as long as you can accept it for what it is... fun, brainless killing.

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