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What can I say except that a comedy spoof is designed to poke fun at what's popular (i.e. superheroes) and put in its own funny little twists -- and believe me, Superhero Movie movie doesn't let you down. See, I don't have the comic book background like some people (not naming names), but I get the gist of what should go down (superhero battles villain and eventually succeeds), and I believe that even the most experienced comic book fan won't be disappointed with what this movie has to offer.

Trying to keep your interest in such a movie can be hard. Especially if they bounce around from one plot idea to the next, it can be quite difficult for the viewer, but this movie doesn't follow the architecture like some more resent spoofs. This movie uses probably the most successful comic book movie idea (Spider-Man) as a base to form a really good foundation for the movie. There are some other small superhero side tracks, but nothing too big that makes you forget about the original plot. Writer/director Craig Mazin uses the story to his advantage in making a flick even Stan Lee could stand up and say "good job." Following a recipe for success, he brought in his own personal humour that entertains the viewer the entire movie. With perfectly-timed one-liners, even by the smaller cast members, you will laugh. But I can't be too positive about everything in the movie. There were some jokes that were hilarious at the time but dragged on a little more than I would have liked, making the original joke less effective. With this being the only negative thing that stands out in the movie, I think all in all, the movie was a success.

When it came to the casting, they did a great job in getting relatively unknown Drake Bell (as Dragonfly), who in my opinion, does a great job of taking what Toby Maguire did in Spider-Man and putting his own funny angle on the character. Drake plays the nerdy, quiet type suffering from a series of unfortunate mishaps down to a T. Now, throw in a lady interest like Sara Paxton (Jill Johnson) and you can see why he was so clumsy -- each time I saw her in the movie, it made me want to put on a costume to try to impress her. But now we get to the genius of the casting, trying to find a villain for the Dragonfly to fight. Look no further than everyone's favourite movie golfer, Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald ) as Hourglass/Lou Landers. You couldn't ask for a better bad guy -- he's got the cockiness, arrogance, and the "I believe I am better than you in every which way" attitude mastered. When you add these all up, you've got yourself a pretty good starting cast -- and any time you can put Leslie Nelson (Uncle Albert Adams) in a role, it's the topping on the cake.

So what have we learned? With a great casting job and a good plot, Superhero Movie is a surprisingly fun and hilarious movie. This is one spoof movie that you won't be asking for your money back. You would gladly pay to see it again.

Special Features: Special features are always a marker of a good movie release. If you can spend half as much time watching the DVD extras as the movie itself, then it's done its job. With many deleted scenes, plus an unseen alternate ending (until you watch it, then it won't be unseen... stay with me here), even the bonus disc provides some entertainment that should help you finish off the leftover popcorn.

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heroesgirl314 says...

I thought this movie could either really suck or be pretty funny- it ended up being pretty funny to me. I love the superhero movies, so it was funny to see this movie making fun of them.

Oct 1, 2009 6:26am

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