30 Rock: The Ones

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Jack takes Liz engagement ring shopping at a swanky store on 5th Avenue. He has decided that Elisa is indeed "The one" for him. Soon after, Elisa confides to Liz that she has been back in New York for a few weeks without telling Jack. She tells Liz that she loves Jack, but that she has a terrible secret that she cant bear to tell him. Liz is torn between respecting Elisa's wishes to keep the secret a secret, and her friendship with Jack. She is relieved when Elisa sees Jack and immediately tells him her dark secret-she was married once before and killed her husband after he cheated on her.

The routine at 30 Rock is disrupted for health and safety reasons. The usual food items on the catering table are changed to reduce the chances of anyone having an allergic reaction to anything. Despite this precautionary measure, a food related practical joke causes Lutz to sustain a head injury. The paramedics arrive, and one of them catches Jenna's eye, but she is called away before she can make a date with him.

Tracy has an important anniversary with his wife and is looking for an appropriate gift for her. Liz suggests that he ask her what she wants instead of just buying random objects. He takes her advice and asks his wife what she wants. She tells him that she wants him to get a tattoo of her on his chest. He doesn't want to, and sets about thinking of ways to get around her wishes. Jack goes out clubbing with Tracy as a way to test himself to see if he will ever be tempted to cheat on Elisa. Tracy tells Jack a secret of his own- in spite of his legendary partying and carousing with women, he has never cheated on his wife. Hearing Tracy's unexpected declaration of fidelity inspires Jack. He still wants to be with Elisa, and if it means that he has to be undyingly faithful to her, then that is what he will do.

Jenna becomes obsessed with being reunited with her hunky paramedic guy. She devises a plan to poison Ken with strawberries to which he is deathly allergic. Her plan fails though because when the paramedics arrive to save Kenneth, they are both women. She fesses up that it was her who tried to poison Ken after the crew play a practical joke on her which makes her feel remorseful. She tells Ken later that she only did it because she wanted to meet her true love again. He is touched by her story and deliberately consumes some of his strawberry-tainted water to help her. Amazingly, the plan works. She meets the guy again, the great love of her life! Turns out that he has custody of his 5 year old son though, so that quickly ends the romance as far as Jenna is concerned.

Jack goes to Liz's place after the club to tell her of his revelation. Elisa followed Jack to the club though, and has followed him to Liz's as well. She didn't trust him out with Tracy. She thinks he is sleeping with Liz. She freaks out on him and even briefly flashes a knife before she realizes that Jack is just confiding in Liz as he would with a "Bro". She says that she has a problem trusting men in her life and that she falls in love too deeply. Jack tells her to give him a call if she ever finds herself less in love with him, but that he can't marry her if she is going to fly into a murderous rage every time something happens that makes her jealous. They break up, and Jack is a single guy again. Sad to lose Elisa, surely, but happy to remain alive and un-murdered. Tracy shows up to work after a long night of partying. He is missing his shirt and sporting a large tattoo on his chest. The tattoo is not of his wife Angie, though, it is a of a gender-bending lion named T'Angiers. One cant help get the feeling that he will do well to remain un-murdered the next time he sees his wife.

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