Just for Laughs Interview: Stand-up comic Hannibal Buress (the 2012 edition)

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When discussing Hannibal Buress' career, the word "rising" comes to mind. Over the past 7 years, Buress has gradually emerged from throngs of Chicago-bred comics to find himself head and shoulders above his peers. Cameos on Louis CK's groundbreaking show Louie prove that even at 29, a guy like Hannibal can sit alongside the best in the business and hold his own. So it's certainly fitting that Buress will receive the 2012 Rising Comedy Star award from the Just for Laughs Festiavl this July.

This has been a big year for the former SNL and 30 Rock scribe. His critically-acclaimed The Eric Andre Show (which he co-hosts with Andre) developed something of a cult following this summer with its first season. It even spawned a live tour, with Andre and Buress playing shows in San Francisco and Chicago. But above all else, it's his stand-up that garners the most acclaim.

Further evidence of his rising stardom: This will be Buress' fourth visit to Montreal's Just for Laughs, performing his new hour, "Still Saying Stuff", July 24 - 27 @ L'Astral. I had a chance to speak with him recently about (amongst other things) the JFL award, his thoughts on his burgeoning career, the Daniel Tosh debacle, and the world of stand-up comedy at large.

Have a listen, won't you?

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